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Low profile iPad / iPhone mount?


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Jan 14, 2017
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Every one that I've considered blocks the view of the RC to the point that I just gave up.
Check out the Lifthor mount, sits above but gives access to controller screen
Anyone heard of a low profile iPad mount?

I want it raised a bit from where it normally slots into the controller, but not as much as a MavMount or PolarPro, and not so much that it blocks my view of the controller.

The closest I’ve found searching this site would be this, which looks awkward.

Dronefans "clamp based" tablet holder - anyone tried it?

This one is close, but the iPad still blocks the controller:
PGYTECH Mavic/Spark Tablet Holder (United States)

I have been in the same situation as You and seems no product do the trick, so I have done it myself ;) both a regular holder and turned it backward - mounting arm away of the 20180905_082056.jpg View attachment 45317 controller (see the pictures)
And I can see the controller now as well as iPad 9.6"
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Check out the Lifthor mount, sits above but gives access to controller screen
Yup. The LiftThor seems to be the best mount that doesn’t block the controller, with the added bonus that it gives you a traditional “screen-at-top” controller setup.

But. It’s huge.

There’s a lot of bulk there to pack. Awkward shaped metal bulk. I don’t have a pocket for that.

Isn’t there anything more streamlined and low profile?

I just want a mount that lifts the screen a little. Elevates it an inch or two above normal. Offset so that it doesn’t obscure view of RC. Bonus points if it’s easy to swap a tablet in and out.

It seems like such an easy mod I thought it would be everywhere.
Seems to me that a modified Mavmount would make it easy to accomplish this and be lightweight. Use the aluminum base mount, make a simple spacer that elevates the clamp an 1" or so to clear my hands/thumbs then add an offset nut to an existing clamp so it allows the tablet to be below the main controller screen. No need for the ball mount as it adds extra eight and unwanted height for some.

I would think @Aerial West /mavmount could easily do this. I'd buy one.

Here is the change to the tablet clamp and an example of the spacer but it would need to be a little taller:

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