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M2P for Commercial Work??


Aug 28, 2018
Hey guys, newbie here. - 1st time poster -

SOOO I've flown a small Tello drone for a while now and I've gotten pretty good at controlling it. It's time. I want to move up to the big leagues with a Mavic Pro or 2 Pro for commercial work opportunities (Real Estate, Construction etc)..

My Problem..

I keep READING that the OG Mavic Pro doesn't have the quality needed for commercial use. Is it mainly a social media (quick edit & post) or non commercial quality drone? If so, what was everybody using before the Mavic 2 Pro came out?? It's hard to believe that everybody shooting commercial real estate or anything of that nature were at least flying Phantom P4P's.

Thanks in advance for your responses!
The quality differs more so with the photography side of the machines. The original Mavic Pro and the Zoom have a smaller sensor of 12 megapixels where the phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 pro has 20 megapixels. The difference is a much more detailed and sharper image. The amount of megapixels is how much information per square inch the image has. The image quality isn't necessarily bad on the MP but for commercial work you will want a higher quality product to deliver to a client and will ultimately make you stand out. I have seen the MP used in Real Estate but I have also seen gigs specifically asking for the P4P or something with an equivalent sensor. I do real estate Videography and am just getting into implementing the drone into it and will be doing the aerial shots for our photographer as well. The 1 inch sensor is non-negotiable for commercial work and wasn't even a question for me. If you are worried about the price you will make it back. Look at it as an investment! But if you have to go with the original Mavic, it will do the job.

Hope this helps and I'm sure I missed something so hopefully someone will pick up after me haha. Of course feel free to ask more questions.
Also I'm not saying their video capabilities are all the same. There are differences with frame rates and resolutions ect. of course.

The first picture was blown up to 24 x 36 and is hanging in the church office

As soon as the FD took the ladders down, I had the M2P up

If that is not enough detail they need their head examinedDJI_0265 (2).JPGDJI_0281 (2).JPGDJI_0292.JPGDJI_0303 (2).JPG
DJI_0265 (2).JPGDJI_0281 (2).JPGDJI_0292.JPGDJI_0303 (2).JPG


  • DJI_0263 (2).JPG
    DJI_0263 (2).JPG
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  • DJI_0312 (2).JPG
    DJI_0312 (2).JPG
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Church Fire, I was flying 5 minutes after the FD cleared, some of these pictures were printed 24 x 36 How much detail do they want?church fire 1.jpgDJI_0269.JPGDJI_0288.JPGDJI_0292.JPGDJI_0303.JPG
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