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M3 DNGs and JPGs are not the same size-unable to align layers

That's weird, because I find the M3 RAW images from the 12mm camera need about an 11 in the distortion correction slider.
Agreed. With my M3 I felt Horizon line always needed a little spherical distortion correction and I created a preset for all my M3 images that gives a little bit of distortion correction and then scales the image up 1% to crop in on the sides and top and bottom where you start to get a little bit of blank space by doing that.

It’s not huge, but it definitely makes a difference. Also, there is a little bit of vignetting that I correct with that preset as well.
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This is what LR shows for DJI DNGs:

View attachment 170750

You can apply another, manual profile on top of the built-in one, but there is no way to turn the built in one off. If you know the way, pls share.
That’s my understanding. I don’t think we can turn that off. I would love it if I could figure out how to make the DNG match the JPEG‘s. And I’ll try and play with that bite. I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to make it, match the details up in some thing as specific as an architectural scene.
If anyone else is figure it out the formula to do that I would love to hear it…

Besides the fact that the DNG is actually smaller in both dimensions than the JPEG so if you were to make corrections to the DNG and have to scale it up and crop it would be make it even smaller yet.
If it were just a simple, adjust the width of the pixels to match the width of the jpg and then the height would match, that would be great. But it’s actually a different Proportion.
Holy Crap. Still doesn't work. Even when I adjust the output file on the DNG to 5280 pixels, it still doesn't match. Nor does it if I try to force it and change both dimensions I can get the width to 5280, but height is 3954 - 2 pixels off.
Again I say.. WTF??
How about clipping 4 pixels off each edge of the JPGs instead of resizing? Is the field of view larger in the JPG?
How about clipping 4 pixels off each edge of the JPGs instead of resizing? Is the field of view larger in the JPG?
I’ll check it again, but I think I tried that when I originally posted this- just cropping the extra pixels won’t make the 2 images from DNG to jpg align properly.
If it isn’t a perfect match, I could have 20 ,30,more images of the same from JPEG, and the one master image of a DNG Being different, and the whole image will be soft, out of register
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