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  1. C

    Lightroom Super Resolution

    Ok so I looked but cannot find a definitive answer. Are any of you professional photographers using lightroom super resolution in a professional context and getting professional results? What I mean is, have you upscaled something like a 12mp image to something like 48mp and printed something...
  2. Yaros

    Air 2 Porto Cristo at Golden Hour - Gorgeous Sunset & Colours

    Sunset Golden Hour
  3. P

    Color cast correction on DJI FC7303 - No option but Adobe?

    Hello, I've got a DJI Mini 2, and I've been using it for hobbyist photogrammetry, mapping, and other things. If you know anything about drone photogrammetry, you'll know that it's very sensitive to lighting conditions-- if it's a patchy-clouded and windy day, you're going to have problems due...
  4. R

    Adobe Lens Profile for Mini 3 Pro

    Hello everyone, as many of you know DjI forgot to include the lense profile in the 12 MPx DNG files the mini produces up to the 1.00.150 firmware, making the images come up with a huge "vignette". The 48 MPx RAW images have "Chromatic Aberrations" even with the lens profile included, so I sought...
  5. L

    Images get darker when importing to lightroom compared to windows image preview

    Hello. I have taken some images with my mavic air 2. I shoot in RAW format and when I open the image in windows preview, it looks exactly how it looked when I was taking the picture. The following image is in DNG format. When I put it in lightroom, it automatically get darker for some...
  6. L

    Image gets blurry when zooming in after exporting

    Hello.I am beginner at editing photos and just started out. I have taken a panorama image and did some editing in Lightroom. The original image zoomed in: (It is opened by default Image preview program in windows 10 ) The edited image and exported , I cant even zoom in that much and you can...
  7. D

    Combining Litchi's 'Panorama' & 'AEB' features to create a 45 picture Landscape Shot (M2P)

    DJI's native Go 4.0 app can happily take both panoramic pictures, and auto exposure bracketed (AEB) ones. - What it cannot do, is shoot both at the same time. (At least not on the M2P) Step up; everyone's favourite quadcopter third party software solution - Litchi (Although not cheap at...
  8. F

    Mavic Mini lens correction profile for Lightroom

    Does anyone have a sense of how soon we can expect to see Adobe add a correction profile for the Mavic Mini's lens in LIghtroom? Or are there interim profiles available anywhere?
  9. B

    Uploading presets to Lightroom mobile

    Hey! Struggling a bit here. Trying to upload new presents to Lightroom mobile but it doesn't seem to want to work. Followed the instructions here Processing Drone Photographs Like A Pro: Adobe Lightroom as they are fairly similar to other sites I have seen. Is this the right way to do it or...
  10. RonanCork

    Lightroom says my photos are already imported

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone can help me. I'm using LightRoom (specifically the Creative Cloud version called "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom v2.4.1") I'm trying to import some photo which I did import already (few weeks back) and it's saying "this photo has already been added" Thing is I...
  11. thomashall1993

    $8000 drone vs $1000 drone at night photography

    I frequently shoot pictures of our state capitol since I live in it and was making some new attempts at creating photos of it under the 336 rules, so that when I go to the trouble of following the SOPs for our Daylight Waiver, I would not be wasting anyone's time. Our Capitol is in Class D...
  12. Coskier

    Stills and Lightroom?

    New Mavic Air owner here, and struggling to make sense of how still images are numbered on the SD card. Has anyone come up with a good workflow for importing files, ensuring the names are unique (main issues are Pano and HDR sub-folders), and so on?
  13. G

    Creating Panoramas in Lightroom

    I tried to stitch some panoramas in Lightroom, but it errored out when trying to do perspective panoramas. There was a note about not having the camera profile. How long does it take for the MA profile to make its way into Lightroom?
  14. S

    How take a 48mp photo with mavic pro (not a panorama)

    Hi guys, Recently I posted how big can you print out a photo from mavic pro 12mp, and I shown that was possible to get pretty good A3 sizes with good sharp under 30 cm far, which is amazing. I got quite intrigued if would be possible to get bigger sizes, but you know, we run into technical...
  15. RaRaRasputin

    Editing Mavic Pro Stills in Lightroom

    Here is a how-to/tutorial on how to edit Mavic Pro stills in Lightroom to get the most out of them I did shoot in D-Log and although the picture style is supposed to have no effect in RAW DNG files, the Mavic does change the exposure slightly.
  16. M

    Mavic DNG - LightRoom the file appears to be unsupported or damaged

    Hi, Took HDR Shots with Mavic Pro . (DNG File) When trying to edit the photos in Lightroom got the error "the file appears to be unsupported or damaged" When opining the same file in Photoshop No Problem !!! resolving ed Thanks Miki
  17. F

    Mavic Pro lens profile for LR?

    Hey, I've seen that Adobe added the Mavic lens profile for the LR CC option. Does anyone maybe have a version for some lower LR? I'm riding on LR 6, so there's no way of me getting the lens profile from the CC package.
  18. TheWolfen

    Correcting Digitized Date for Lightroom

    Hi everyone! I'm a pretty new Mavic pilot but long time photographer. I just wanted to share with everyone a trick I just figured out related to a Lightroom issue on a Windows PC. First, some background. I use Adobe Lightroom to manage all of my photos and videos. I noticed that when I import...
  19. M

    Panoramic @ Boynton Beach

    22 photos - portrait mode - Raw format Stitched using Adobe Lightroom