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Magic Air takes off by itself and flies at me!

What software do you use to read the log file (*.txt).I tried NotePad and WordPad neither worked.
屁股Pad. Works with DJI formatted data.


Seriously, it's not really human readable... msinger told you what to do with it.

Also, what sar104 said, right in the next post after this one.
What software do you use to read the log file (*.txt).I tried NotePad and WordPad neither worked.

Reading it is not the problem - decoding it is. You can upload it to or, both of which will then allow you to download a csv file containing a partial set of the data from the txt log. Or you can use @ferraript's converter which also produces a csv file, but with far more data fields, or @BudWalker's CsvView (Windows version only) which has that converter embedded.
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Dude I’m a Pilot for prop planes, fighters and helicopters, an Engineer and Programmer in about every language and control system that exists the last 30 years. I’d agree with you if you were right.
I love this drone, it’s a great piece of equipment. Nothing is perfect. I agree it’s a great piece of equipment but I also agree there could be some improvements too. If you cannot agree to that, it’s fine. I always take responsibility for my actions and wasn’t blaming them for it, I was saying it happened and could be improved.
I really don’t care if you like it. Thanks all for the help.

Wow...! Almost a renaissance men there.

As a 57 year-old ex-fighter pilot myself, I am especially impressed that you still fly fighters at 56.

I'm sure you are correct in terms of the relative number of flights. But I don't think it's trying hold altitude after motor start and idle because if you raise or lower it slowly it doesn't react - I think it is specifically programmed to to detect being dropped, as detected by its accelerometers, and to treat that as a transition to flight.

Indeed, it seems that executing motor-start via CSC is akin to initiating throw-and-go mode. Ironically the $100 "with DJI tech" Tello has that exact feature. If throw-and-go is initiated the props will idle till the quad senses a quick drop--where it will then hover. You only have about 5 seconds to "throw" it before the mode is disengaged.

I do like that DJI's quads allow idle mode before takeoff, but I use automated precision take-off most of the time. If I do use CSC it is right before takeoff, kind of like one more separation between armed and flight. For sure I don't configure settings or whatnot while the props are spinning. Heck, when indoors I usually take the props off when I am turning on my MP to adjust any settings--and certainly don't start the motors.

While unfortunate I do think this incident was pilot error: the quad behaved as designed. I also think the OP was under the impression that the props had to be spinning in order to access the live video feed, etc., from the quad. As has already been addressed, this is definitely not the case and the OP could have left the motors off to do anything he wanted without issue.

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