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Mavic 2 Pro Gimbal overload?

Have you seen a "gimbal motor overload" error message in DJI Go 4 with your Mavic 2 Pro?

  • No I have not gotten that message.

    Votes: 25 53.2%
  • Yes I have seen it one time.

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Yes I have seen it a few times but Im not sending it in for repair.

    Votes: 13 27.7%
  • Yes I have seen it a few times and I am sending it in for repair.

    Votes: 3 6.4%

  • Total voters

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Dec 20, 2016
Duluth, Georgia
Just checking in with M2P owners as to whether or not you have received a gimbal overload message with your M2P? I've got a bunch of flight hours on mine, and have seen the message flash by twice, but instantly went away. One time it came on when the gimbal was initializing, and the second time during a smooth weather flight when tilting the gimbal down. The gimbal motor temperatures were all normal, so I think the error messages were just anomalys, and Im not worrying about it.

Please vote and feel free to describe your experience. PLEASE dont vote yes if you forgot to remove the gimbal clamp!
Crap.. I have one with less than 1 hour on it... 5 min into every flight now it overloads on me... An any thoughts? It calibrates just fine... I cannot seem to recreate it until its in the air... Zero impacts of any kind... TD, are you seeing that the ribbon (from Gimbal to craft) is causing this??? PLEASE say yes!!! Otherwise...:(
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Its under warranty but if I thought the main ribbon would most likely fix it I would do it myself as I am VERY afraid of what DJI will send as a replacement....
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Well, I have the Zoom and I've never seen the message and more than once I've fired it up with the gimbal protector firmly in place. So far, so good (knocking on wood skull). I now have a ribbon dangling from the protector to remind me it is still on.
I cant seem to recreate on the bench only in the air.. Its happened on the stock firmware and after I updated it for waypoints.. So it does not seem to be a firmware issue...
Today it happened to me. Right after I turned on the Mavic. I had to reboot another 2 times so that I the message could get away. No crashes or hard landings have ever happened.

After I rebooted Mavic for a third time there was no message and I completed a gimbal calibration just to be sure.

Is this a known issue for MP2? Should I contact DJI?
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It hit me over Valentine's weekend. Took the drone on a weekend trip with the missus and tried to do some flying. Gimbal oriented just fine on start-up, then threw the overload message and slewed to the side, completely unresponsive. I hadn't flown it for a few months, but the last time it performed perfectly. Very disappointing. I found a number of potential fixes on the forum I have yet to try, but if those fail it's off to DJI.
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Sent mine back (MP2) and DJI replaced it with a brand new one... So far so good... (I have beat the CRAP out of it in sports mode trying to make it fail).. Out of curiosity can you guys share purchase dates/manufacturing dates? I am wondering if there is a correlation to the Gimbal failure.. Mine was purchased 8/18.. ( I was the second owner and it had only 2 flights according to the owner AND the logs...)
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I had it, sent it in, argued with customer service, escalated to a manager, got a new one back. The new one's been perfect.
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It sounds like it is a mechanical error and not a firmware induced error. I have seen the error a few times, but if I saw it more often than that, it would be going back to DJI. Mavic Pros never did that when they were new.
I have seen this happen a couple times. Always cleared up as soon as i was in the air. I thought maybe a bit of debris caused the gimbal to lock up the. Freed itself...?
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I have seen this happen a couple times. Always cleared up as soon as i was in the air. I thought maybe a bit of debris caused the gimbal to lock up the. Freed itself...?
If it happened one time I would agree with you, but if it happens constantly come it's a mechanical problem or a sensor issue in the gimbal.
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