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Mavic 2 Pro- Mobile Device CPU fully loaded message


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Dec 10, 2016
I saw that a lot of people had this problem with the first Mavic but I never did. Now I have the M2 and I'm getting this message all the time and my display freezes up. Is it just that my Ipad Mini 4 processor can't keep up with the load of the M2 or is there a fix? I only have DJI GO 4 and Litchi loaded on my Ipad mini and no other apps. Can someone help me out, because I can't even fly with this happening?
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I get it ocassionally on my mini 4 as well but only use Go 4.

I had Video Caching on. So I turned that off to see if that helped and I’m thinking it might have.
Video caching is off on mine, flown about 10 hours now and not had any problems with the mini 4.
I have had it too on my Mini 4 and although the app didn't crash it gave me a 4 second lag whuch I didn't notice at first as I was flying in cinematic mode - ended up flying into a tree!
I'm having the same problem. iPad Mini 4 (WIFI version only) with virtually nothing installed on it except DJI GO 4. It's a 16GB iPad with 10 free GB available. I have video caching turned off. I have Airplane mode turned on. Using MP 2 Pro.

For some reason every time I fly, even if I'm only a few hundred feet away, the display is laggy, pixellated, hangs-up, and acts like it barely has a signal, even though my RC signal and HD signal shows 5 bars. And I get the message "Mobile Device CPU Fully Loaded".

What could be overloading the iPad so quickly and easily? I wonder if the temperature affects it? It IS still summer in Texas, and about 90 degrees outside, and the iPad does feel very warm. But it does this even in the shade. It's NOT TOO hot to touch. (?)

I think I might try a new USB-Right-Angle connecting cable next. (the one that goes from the RC to the iPad). I wonder if somehow that got damaged? Or if the one I have is just low quality?

Any ideas?
i have same problem with my ipad4 and MP1 . It seams that iit is relating with ambient temperature (the hotter ambient temp the more "Mobile Device CPU Fully Loaded" messages are. I have noticed that when freezes stars in ipad if you slide up to full screen mode things are mutch better with less lag etc. have Anybody else note this?
It seams that iit is relating with ambient temperature (the hotter ambient temp the more "Mobile Device CPU Fully Loaded" messages are.

Totally agree with the ambient temp observation. We've had a bit of summer here in the UK this year and when the temp was up high 20's or low 30's (c) I had lots of CPU overloads. Flying in the cool evening has no problems.

Interesting about the full screen mode. I'll try that. I've upgraded to iPad 2018 to avoid the issue as it has a lot more horsepower. I just wish they'd release an iPad Mini 5 ....
I too had the same problem with a mini 4. But, I didn’t know about the temperature business. Read a number of posts saying the mini 4’s CPU just wasn’t up to the task so I picked up a 2018 iPad 9.7 inch and no longer have the issue. I also like the larger display.
Well, as far as the temperature goes, I'm flying in Las Vegas and it was over 100 degrees a lot flying the first Mavic and this never happened. For me, it happens when I start running the video after about 5 minutes.. Maybe I'll have to look into the ipad or something more powerful.
I believe the MP transmitted the live feed at 720p whereas the M2P/M2Z transmits at 1080p for the FPV feed to the display. So I'm guessing the iPad has to work quite a bit harder with the higher resolution on top of all the other stuff its doing in Go4
Lower the live feed resolution?
Ease up on your suffering iPad.
I think the feed resolution makes sense. I'm going to try and turn off HD until I get a more powerful display and see if that works.
I'm going to fly tomorrow with the HD off and set it to normal. See if that helps. I'll keep everyone posted.
go4 with Samsung S8. Not one single glitch. flawless transmission every time.
iPad Mini 4 putting into airplane mode fixed a lot of lag for me also turned off cache. My video feed is set to HD mode.
I flew today and took off HD mode, put the tablet in airplane mode, no cache recording and still got the error and my screen froze up. It only happens during video recording so I guess it narrows down to the 4K HQ mode with h.265 or my micro sd card which I never had problems with before, but I guess there's more of a load on it now. Hmmmm
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