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Sep 2, 2018
I'm a beginner with just ca. 5 hours flight. I was testing the DJI goggles functionality on Mavic 2 Zoom when I had my first crash:

I took off using the goggles and selected Head Tracking Flight mode.
My intention was to keep the aircraft in position thus I did not touch the remote control sticks. However, the aircraft moved ca. 1m. This movement was unexpected for me, as the Head Tracking Flight should control only the yaw and gimbal but not the pitch.

As I noticed the position had changed, I used the "Reset Flight Mode" button abandon the the Head Tracking Flight mode but I noticed the goggles movement was still active, controlling the yaw.

Mistake: I pressed the Pause button and removed the goggle aiming to land using the Remote Control.
However, before I touched the remote control sticks, the aircraft moved quite fast and hit the wall, probably due to the movement of the goggles being removed. Fortunately, I just lost a propeller.

Could you please help me with the following points?
1- How to get out from the intelligent mode when using goggles? (w.o. switching off)
2- Why the Pause button did not stabilize the aircraft, maintained the position, allowing me to remove the goggles safely?
3- Goggles should have a proximity sensor to recognize it has been removed and stop controlling the aircraft.
4- Why did the aircraft change position in Head Tracking Flight, without I moved the remote control Pitch stick?

Basic question: How can I attach my log file here?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for your reply. I will try to confirm it on the manual.
You also might want to do such "first ever tests" on a wide open field with nothing to crash into...
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1) Use the same menu item you used to turn it on.
2) Because it's unrelated, agree it should.
3) Yep, but it does not...
4) Pretty sure pitch is also controlled by goggles nowadays... but haven't used Head Tracking Flight it in a long time.
4) Pretty sure pitch is also controlled by goggles nowadays... but haven't used Head Tracking Flight it in a long time.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your comments.

Having check the last manual of the DJI Goggles the Head Tracking Flight controls the gimbal pitch but not the AC pitch.
I will refrain to use the intelligent flight modes until I get better manual control skills.

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