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Mavic 3 FPV with RC or RC N1?


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Nov 18, 2021
North Pole, Alaska
If I recall correctly, and from DJI's website, the Mavic 3 can be used with Googles 2 and the Motion 2 controller. It's been quite a while but am I wrong in thinking I remember using it with the RC...or RC-N1 controller? I vaguely recall some work around... starting with the Motion controller and then switching to the RC.... anyone? My Mav3 just kind of sits around since I have the Mav3 Pro but if I could get it easily set up for use with my RC or RC-N1 I might use it more often. I'm not thrilled with the Motion controller.
The MC takes time to get use to with an FPV; not sure it will ever improve with a camera drone.

Anyway here's the video on the RC with Mini 3 Pro and maybe it works with Mavic 3, too:

Not my video
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I think the issue with that approach is, if I recall, all the camera controls and such remain on the phone's controller screen. I think that is what I recall is my reason for not continuing to be interested in using the goggles with my Mav 3. I am invariably wanting to film and flying smoothly with the Motion controller is, for me, not possible and if I am using an RC style controller the menu options don't translate to the goggles which is understandable. Still a good reminder as there may be times I might just want to fly with goggles. Thanks.
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Slightly off topic...I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who has tried the Mavic 3 with Goggles (2 or Integra) WITHOUT the MC?
I have the original white goggles I used with the M2 but they're incompatible with the Mavic 3 (typical). I'm considering getting the Goggles Integra, but before I go dropping a bundle of coin of them I wouldn't mind knowing the pros and cons from folk who've given them a go...esp when it comes to recording video.
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