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Mavic 3 Pro and RC Pro Update

Hi Suren, Merry Christmas to you and yours hope you had a nice one.
The hack works Ok, everything in the app is all good also,.
Easy download of link after payment, have to run install a couple of times.
But yeah for me its all Ok, and support is there when needed and he's prompt following Dji updates,
but once installed that's it. Signal strength is so much better once in FCC..
Happy Holidays to you as well mate. I messaged the bloke and he just sent me a link to his Telegram where he posts the updates but did not say how to get this done.
As you know I lost my DH on an update and couldn't get it back into FCC mode..
Yeah, I also lost FCC after I went to 0700, had to remove updates from app and then downgrade but now it only works on 0200 for me, I cannot get it to work on 0500 again.
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