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MAVIC AIR 1 vs. SPARK - Question 2: Dynamic home point

Der olle Hansen

New Member
Oct 18, 2021
Luebeck, Germany
Hello everyone,
I got myself a used MAVIC AIR 1 (Fly-more Combo) for a sensational price. (The last "beautiful" DJI drone that doesn't come in this ugly gray like all the first desktop computers used to look like).
So far I am satisfied with the drone itself. ☺️
Before that I had the small SPARK, which is quite a difference in flight behavior, flight time and the possibilities.
Now I've noticed two things that I think are a step backwards 😢 compared to SPARK.
I started two threads that all begin with the same introduction (but different title) so that the answers don't get mixed up,

MAVIC AIR 1 vs. SPARK - Question 2: Dynamic home point

Obviously the MAVIC AIR 1 doesn't have a dynamic home point...
This isn't particularly practical when you're on a boat and can lead to very critical situations if you're not constantly alert...
This significant step backwards compared to the SAPRK surprised me a lot and I wonder what stupidity 😡 marketing decision 😇 in DJI development we have to thank for this, because obviously it's just a small software function in the Go 4 app - if I only have to press a software button, it can can also be done by a continuous loop in the program. Or am I wrong?

How do you deal with this limitation?
Do you really have to get used to this routine: open the three-dot menu, update the home point, continue flying...
Or are there tricks and workarounds?
The DJI GO4 app doesn't provide Dynamic HP for the Mavic Air 1... if you use the Litchi app you might get that function back but I'm not 100% sure, you need to investigate further... Litchi will give you other flight modes that GO4 lacks though, like Course & Home lock.
GO4 lacks Course and Home Lock for the MA1? Are you sure?

I swear I've used those features on the MA1 with GO4, but it's been years, and I'll readily admit it might have been Litchi.
Yep... still flies with mine & those modes are nowhere to be seen in GO4. But Litchi make them available.
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