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Mavic Air crashed while RTH


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Oct 7, 2018
Yesterday I was flying and lost connection.
The drone started to come back and then it seems that it made a flip off at 300 ft and crashed pretty hard into a river (unrecoverable).
I was using latest firmware 500.

Here is the logs.
Do you think DJI will answer something on this case?
This was a pretty dangers situation, the drone crash site was 15 meter from my position... Someone could have been seriously injured.
I'm not 100% that the drone did the flip off, but the motors were turned off while on flight.


  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-10-06_[17-19-16].txt
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Are you sure that it started to return? The flight log ends with the aircraft stationary, and then the sudden application of full backward elevator, with an associated positive pitch increase. It seems rather unlikely that it would disconnect at such close range, and then later undergo a mid-air shutdown.

I think the drone started RTH since the position of the crash was very close to the starting point.

I think my last action on the controller was the backward since I was going to start a video.
It could be a controller issue (red light) and not a connection (due to distance).

The drone crashed like 3-5 minutes after the connection/controller issue. The drone hit the water with motors off. There was almost no wind. Now that I remember I got soem compass error while flying, but I never tried to land! Since the error disappeared I continue flying. No magnetic fields near.

I use to get some connections warnings that morning and it was close to my position.

Thanks for your answer!
Here is the logs.
Do you think DJI will answer something on this case?
Unless you can send the drone to DJI, they would have the same problem anyone here would.
Your flight data just stops at 1:39 with the drone 400 feet up.
It's been hovering since 1:30.2. You've just pulled the right stick back and the data just stops with the drone 117 feet away..
The data just stops with no details of any RTH or anything to explain what happened after the data stopped.
That suggests a sudden loss of power which would have prevented any RTH.
Unless you can show DJI evidence that it was a DJI problem, you are on your own.

Here's what your data looks like: DJI Flight Log Viewer -
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