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Mavic Air-Gimbal pitch by phone angle (& RC)?

Lady Rover

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Sep 30, 2018

I noticed that when I connect my mobile via wifi and without the remote, a small icon appears at the upper right corner of the dji Go screen, which allows the gimbal pitch to be adjusted by tilting the phone.

Surely thats because the phone does not have the dial the remote controller has.

Still, I find that I can achieve much smoother gimbal pitch movements this way than fiddeling with the wheel.
Generally I prefer flying with the remote.

Now here is the question. Is there a way to use the phone tilt sensor to control the gimbal even when using the remote?

That would be great!

Thanks for your input,

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You can adjust both the smoothness and speed of the gimbal in the app - I would be shocked if you could do any manual movements smoother than the drone can with the proper gimbal settings. I recommend a gimbal pitch speed of 9 and a gimbal smoothness setting of 19. This give you a very slow, extremely smooth gimbal movement with the remote wheel. Also note the remote wheel is pressure sentisitve, so a small input will be even slower than rolling the wheel all the way to it's stopping point, so you can make it even more gradual if you wish. I believe default settings are much faster than this.

Gimbal Settings --> Advanced
Hi Canada, thanks, I'll try those settings.
I had fiddeled with them already, but to different values.
Had the impression so far to be more comfortably with tilting the remote, and keeping thumbs completly on the sticks.


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