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Mavic in China and other countries


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Jun 14, 2018

i must say, this forum was very very helpful to get started with my drone.

i just came back from china and i experienced some annoying things, that i would love to avoid on my next trips...

i needed to add a new (local chinese) telephone number in the app in order to use the drone in china. that was no problem, because i was able to use one of my friends numbers - i was glad that this worked for the app...

it is more than complicated to get a proper internet connection on a vulcanic island somewhere in china and the app wanted to update the remote control and the drone several times -- of course i did it before i started the trip, but in china it needed at least 3 more updates. can i fly without updates, if i dont have time to do them? i always tried to keep everything up to date in order to avoid problems.

so, all these things worked out, but then the app wanted to get the chinese telephone number for 3 more times and that really bothered me. the last time it asked me, i had no chance to ask anyone for a phone number (you always get a sms with a verification code that needs to be inserted to the dji app) -- so i wasnt able to fly one of the most important shots during this trips and i was very angry. thre minutes before i flew with the drone, then i changed the battery and after that it wanted the phone number.

did i do anything wrong? is it possible to avoid this the next time? can i switch to another app or something?
is this only happening in china, because of some regulations or can this also happen in other countries?

i know, i have loads of questions here and maybe they are to specific because i tried it somewhere in an island, but maybe someone of you has a hint for me.

-- back at home, the drone is working totally normally and didnt need a phone number again (just another update...)

thank you very much!

haha, yes... but i am going to be in china very often this year and would love to be prepared the next time.
haha, yes... but i am going to be in china very often this year and would love to be prepared the next time.

I live in China and fly my MPP without any issues (after initial registration it never asked me to log in again and all but the most remote regions have internet coverage). The invisible NFZ are annoying though (military airports are not shown on the map until you are actually near the red zone and want to fly.

you can fly without updates unless (there are however a few forced/mandatory updates I believe)

I'm now in EU for work and took my MPP but it's all messed up here (It flies sideways like a crab even after calibrating) hopefully it will be back to normal when I'm back in China.

PS: if you fly in china make sure to register your drone.

PPS: don't forget to turn on the GPS coordinate correction for China mainland.
mod your app, and say goodbye to this overzealous nonsense of keeping an eye on all and everything by the Chinese. You can start by googling here (or send me a PM and I can point you in the right directions). Mine never ever asked for updates, registration, phone numbers and verifications no more...!
thank you all!

i´ll go through all your hints and let you know how it goes on my next trip there.

its a great forum!

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