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Mavic Pro 1 "frame drop" problem


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Jan 4, 2018
Calif, USA
My buddy ("sdold") is having a problem with his Mavic Pro. See this video, please, and pay attention about :13 into the video:

You'll see what looks like a frame skip, where a frame is dropped.

So far, he has tried the following:

- Several SD cards
- Different frame rates
- It does it even with the motors turned off, and holding the aircraft while recording.

It does it at random spots, but always within 1:00 of the recording.

I'm thinking it may be bad memory on the motherboard.

Any recommendations would be helpful. At this point, he can edit around the drops, but that isn't really a "fix".
Thanks for posting this, Jim. I've also noticed that Windows Media Player crashes at the same spot, while VLC shows the backwards "jump.". It's hard to see in this video but looking at the video from the Micro SD card with VLC, you'll see what looks like a single frame out of order. It's as if the video jerks backward a few frames, then continues, all in a split second. I've also refreshed the (current) firmware, and downgraded to the previous firmware, with no change. The cards I've tried are all Sandisk, including a 16 GB one marked "U3" that came with a Mavic Platinum Pro. Thanks for any tips anyone might have.

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Just a follow up. I replaced the main board AKA "Core board" and the problem went away. My guess (Jim up there guessed it too) is that there
was a bad piece of memory on the 8 GB buffer IC between the video encoder and the dump to the SD card.
Interesting - and nice catch. Out of curiosity, did it ONLY happen once per recording? You mentioned random spots, always within the first minute - but did it happen multiple times? Just thinking that if the buffer had bad memory, you'd think it would repeat itself as the buffer was flushed...

No, it seemed almost random but would average out to maybe once every 30 seconds to a minute. A two minute file would typically have one or two errors. Longer files would still have them, they could happen at any time. I could never confirm any pattern. I agree, I would have expected it to be periodic, which is why I'm not that confident in the bad buffer theory. I remember in one file it happen twice within about ten seconds.

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