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Mavic Pro 2--potential gimbal error if landing pad is used


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Feb 12, 2018
Just wanted to give a quick heads up.

I normally fly with a Hoodman Landing pad, which is about 3.5 feet in diameter, and has a outer ring of weight to keep the pad in place on the ground.

When I test fly around my house, I take off from my front yard, grass is about 2.5" high. Last few flights, I was getting the error that it appeared that the gimbal guard was still on when I powered up the drone on the pad. As soon as took off, the error went away, and gimbal worked fine.
I realized this morning, what is going on. The landing pad is large enough that the grass is pushing up the center, and the fabric is touching the gimbal, and when the drone is powering up it notes the pressure from the pad, and gives the error.
I also noticed on landing, that as soon as the drone touched down, within about 1 minute the gimbal was giving the same error and all the camera functions were locked, (greyed out). As soon as I picked up the drone off the pad, again the errors went away.

So for me, since I prefer the pad, I will have to look into leg extensions or place a flat surface under the pad.

Just wanted to pass this on for others who might be getting the same type of error.

Paul C
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You may have found the cause of some unexplained gimbal errors. Sounds like a bad spot to take off if the grass can do that.
Yes. I modified the landing zone.

But will add extensions.

Paul C
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