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Mavic Pro 3 upcoming rumored release date.

Im guessing it'll have a medium format sensor with a 10 - 400mm lens (Canon L ideally). 4 day flight time. Millimetric radar for all round terrain mapping and obstacle avoidance and a 2500 mile range using Occusync 4 via Iridium satellite link.

Oh and people will still moan its "nothing new" over the Pro 1 or 2.
my source at DJI just showed me this highly detailed picture of the new Mavic III Pro Zoom. can't wait for the release. probably early next month.

OcuSync 5G Cellular: will file flight plan automatically through DJI's new Overlord system. Will automatically upgrade all software and firmware before each flight and brick bird.
GPS altitude sensing: GPS based altitude sensing over any terrain. Restricted to 400 feet above ground level.
480 Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing: built in facial recognition will restrict flight to VLOS.
Weather Watch Sensing: will automatically monitor local weather and not allow you to take off in high winds.
Stronger gimbal: So you can fly into brick wall or tree in sport mode.
Waterproof: so you can fly in thunder storms and take pictures of lightning.
More processing power: all video will be automatically edited, color graded and uploaded to social media before you land.
4k-60 fps
Interesting thread! I believe Dji will have a look at it.

So, here are my guesses what will come up next:
- 3D (why didn't anyone mention this?)
- same size and weight as the current mavic 2 has (otherwise it won't fit into my hardcase and rucksack)
- I like the Vertigo-effect (what they call the "Dolly-effect") together with the 1" CMOS sensor and a lense from 1.8 to 11! It's a must have in the Mavic 3
- will be offered next Spring time with the same or less pricing than the current Mavic-2-Pro-version

These are my humble wishes for Christmas :)
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