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Mavic pro battery & antenna mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just not seeing the need or practicality.

Seems to be just another opportunity to be severely criticized by the public...something we, collectively, don't need.

Need or practicality?..... try flying you mavic 1 or 2 miles out and drop
down to 20 feet above the ground. take some pic or vids and then fly back
home in a wooded or high wifi congested town or city.......
gets very boring flying out 1/2 mile out that your flight path?
I, as many others prefer having the confidence to fly out and know
were not going to drop signal or transmission...
I'm interested in the antenna mod. Those look fairly portable as compared to the plate antenna. I'm fine with the battery performance, but the interference in urban areas can be problematic. The more stable the control signal the better. I think unexpected rth is a big cause of crashes.
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