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Mavic Pro Emergency Stop Setting


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Mar 5, 2018
While landing my MP on the driveway, I clipped the mail box and the MP fell to the ground and the motors immediately shut off. Fortunately, there was no damage not even to the props.
Now this leaves me to another thought... What if while in mid-flight I came onto some birds and one of them came too close and the MP came into contact and the motors would shut down. Would the MP simply fall out of the sky and not have any chance to recover? If so, should the emergency stop settings be changed in the app so the MP could simply fly on?

Would appreciate all views on best setting,,,
Yes if the Mavic gets tilted past vertical by some external force it will just stop, as it will if something slows down/blocks the motors for some amount of time that's beyond reasonable. There is no setting that affects this.
Pretty far-fetched though becasue before either of these happens there will have been some "fighting" happening first and that would have to be insufficient.
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My biggest fear is that I will someday have a bird strike and my MP will fall out of the sky and injure someone on the ground. Therefore, I was wondering if there was a setting that would allow the motors to keep running after a bird strike and give the MP a chance to stay airborn. I also know that such a setting could pose other problems in other situations.
There isn't. It aleady takes the chances it can. If that doesn't suffice there isn't much that could be done anyway.
This might work since some people have demonstrated intentionally stopping and restarting the motors in flight. You might want to look for topics about that to see if there are caveats e.g. maybe having to wait until / hope it gets back right side up in case it won't start motors upside down.
if the drone got jostled in some manner to the point the motors shut down in the air, is there the ability to restart the motors, perhaps using the down and in on the sticks then quickly up left stick to stabilize?
I haven't tried this while flying (only by holding my Mavic), but I found the motors can be restarted via a CSC after they shut off. You'd have to set the stop motor method to "CSC Maneuver" or "Push sticks inner/outer (Always)" in order to be able to perform that CSC.

For Apple devices:


For Android devices:


Whether or not the Mavic would be able to recover would depend on how high it is in the air when the motors are restarted. Here's a video showing someone successfully restarting the motors mid-flight:

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I am unaware of a stock function to allow you to kill the motors mid-flight
You can kill the motors mid-flight using the setting from my screenshots above. No hacks needed.
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