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MaxxxUAV bracket is loose, needs design update


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Aug 12, 2018
Anyone out there with the MaxxUAV EvoLite kit for their MP1? Looking for a solution to the bracket always pulling the usb cable out of the controller. Before I start 3d modeling a new one I wanted to see what other folks have come up with. (partially shown the highlighted "u" or "c" shaped bracket support is the issue). It just has too much flex and the weight of the battery and the amps is only supported by the cable as it passes through the bracket hole. I checked Thingiverse with no luck.


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This image is not of the bracket and I did not design it, just posting so folks can see where the issue is. (I dont have the MP1 in front of me to take pics as its being used by a friend) but it follows the same style as the MaxxUAV EvoLite bracket. The bracket snaps on the controller, and the cable passes through the hole. and the cable being inserted is responsible for holding it in place as is the case with similar Mavic mounts, but after a few hundred uses, the cable hole gets wallowed out a it needs a better solution to not rely on the cable as support.

For the uninitiated, the black box on the bottom houses a 4000mah battery bank and 2 Sunhans signal amplifiers, so there is a little weight involved, which I feel is too much strain to put on the cable port.


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& over a year later you've probably found a workable solution already but Ive been to maxxuav many times looking at this setup pondering the very same question, how could you possibly mount this bracket to the usb port & front of the RC? i cant see how you could make it work without either putting strain on the USB port & the front mount which has got to be the panel mount cant really tell from the pictures on maxxuav website, the bracket itself just looks poorly thought out i meen the battery & amp housing looks mint just needs something like in the pictures below, an $8 bicycle handle bar mount from aliexpress where it clips onto the top front & back of the RC would be way stronger just attach it to the battery & amp housing with a go pro accessory adaptor.


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