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Mini 4 Pro announcement tomorrow?

DJI hasn't even dropped a hint of a new product coming yet.

Is there something noteworthy going on tomorrow?
The only thing I'm used to seeing them do is announce new products with vague advertising days/weeks prior to the announcement. They've been doing that like clockwork for some years now.
@solidhouse the best indication of a drones imminent release, is when the fly app updates to accommodate the new drone,
According to Mirrorless Rumors, it's going to be released on September 25th (a Monday).
Nothing about a date in the rumormill
i wonder why,in all the leaked pics and specs ,there has been no pics of the batteries ,or any mention of whether or not the existing Mini 3 pro batteries will, or will not fit
DJI are playing very cagy, on the batteries for the new Mini 4 pro
@msinger thanks for clarifying that ,so that will make a lot of people happy i suspect ,and me as well ,as i believe i was challenged in another post ,on that very subject;););)
something about almost guarantee,and a lesson in English, which you and others backed me up on
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@msinger and i suspect you had the same thoughts as well
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