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ND filter usage.

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So from what I am hearing, ND filters are only need to be used for photography and not videography?
First off, welcome to Mavic Pilots! Just the opposite in a sense. I only use ND's when videoing except when I want motion blur during the daytime on a photo (like blurred waves on the ocean or a waterfall, or car motion). The Cinema Series by Polar Pro are a bit different though and can be used for photography too as they have a Polarizer built in which will help with skies and reflections like on water. Use ND filters sparingly on photography because any movement by the drone may be noticeable in your photos making them blurry.
Opposite from what you stated, for the most part.

NDs reduce the light coming into the camera, slowing shutter speed, and raising ISO, both generally bad for stills. However, slower shutter speed has several advantages for video.
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