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Mini North Ledaig, Oban, Scotland

Some lovely footage of a very inviting caravan park too (just needs few more trees), that would be great to visit - being a keen caravanner.
Thanks for sharing mate ....from Down Under
Thanks for your comments. There's a forest just behind the campsite.

Looks like I couldn't see the tree for the.....LOL.
I was just thinking of shade for the vans......then realise, ....I would be in Scotland, not here where temperatures are regularly are over 100F (38c).....see below, we were grateful that it cooled down over Xmas. Fortunately I live in the Adelaide Hills where summers are cooler....but it's Spring here and I just lit a combustion heater fire to warm up this morning. What heating do you use?
Would love to visit.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 6.41.18 am.png
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