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Operating manual


Aug 30, 2018
Got a Mavic Air fly more combo as an anniversary gift. Incredible piece of technology! The unit is pretty well packaged, and I'm excited to begin learning how to fly it, but I'm blown away by how totally inferior the multitude of little instruction books are that came with this thing. It shouldn't be difficult to figure-out how to charge the transmitter, BUT IT WAS! Has anyone written an understandable guide to using this thing? I feel like I climbed Everest just to charge batteries, and haven't even gotten to the parts regarding flying. I've searched the net, and this forum. "thank you for helping me figure-out charging the transmitter." Am I the only one blown away by the shear incompetence in the included 'manuals'? The disconnect between what seems to be an absolutely incredible piece of technology and the instructions is mind boggling.
You can download the full Mavic Air manual here.

Also, here's a video that covers the basics:

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Welcome to MavicPilots from Dayton Ohio! Enjoy your new Mavic Air, Fly safe and have fun!
I feel your pain. Nothing as far as a manual with the Mavic pro, either. Google is your best friend. And comb this forum like you have lice. The answers to your questions are right here.
Nothing as far as a manual with the Mavic pro, either
DJI has a manual for the Mavic Pro too. If you haven't read it yet, then check it out for sure. There's lots of great information within.
You're welcome. I hope that helps you get started on the right foot :)
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