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Pro2 Go4 Follow Me getting trapped behind obstacles


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Jul 14, 2021
Athens, Georgia USA
Im running around a small sport track on my mini Segway. I set the drone as close and low as it will allow. Follows ok until I round a bend with a tree. It worked 2 days, but not the 3rd. I have to go back and retrieve the drone from behind a tiny tree. Does it matter if I carry the controller, or hang it from my neck? Total distance is less than 100ft. I want it to track me as close as possible, going at 9-10mph. ignore the tumble I take. ;-) The drone tracked better while the controller was sitting in a chair 100ft away. the drone was tracking better the day before.
I was also trying to add voiceover narration in the cashed file, if that makes any difference.
TIA for any tips.
Found a clue in the user guide page 28/69, but I didn't touch the sticks.
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Really the only aspect that makes a difference is the speed at which the drone was going , , its possible you were flying just a little bit quicker than the other times.
Gear to fly in the Rain and Land on the Water.
I tried to get active track to focus on a hat. White wasn't enough contrast, so I tried a red shirt. I had to revise the selection until active track rectangle was just my red shirt, not my entire body. That helped the drone stay closer, but it lags too far behind I round turns. It tries to cut the corner, and stops behind a tree or crashes into a tree. (see video) I put prop guards on it that saved it from shredding tree limbs, and the red shirt helped, but I need it to stay within 10ft of me at 10mph without stopping to correct the trajectory. I tried doing it with waypoints in straight lines, and arcs, but it wasn't any better.

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