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  1. B

    Drones that 'follow me'?

    Hi all, I have a friend who surfs and was asking me what drones are available to him that would follow him out, video him surfing, and back. I explained that my mini 2 doesn't have this facility so thought I should ask the experts......
  2. D

    Pro2 Go4 Follow Me getting trapped behind obstacles

    Im running around a small sport track on my mini Segway. I set the drone as close and low as it will allow. Follows ok until I round a bend with a tree. It worked 2 days, but not the 3rd. I have to go back and retrieve the drone from behind a tiny tree. Does it matter if I carry the...
  3. Bussty

    Litchi - Follow Me - Heading Issue - Anybody else having this?

    Hi there I have a Mavic Mini 1, Samsung S9 and using the Beta Litchi App. Follow mode works great but I have an issue when trying to change the heading direction using the Left stick. It happens in either Course or North Mode. So in settings RC joysticks are enabled and horizontal movements...
  4. ShannonRawls

    Will the MA2 operate on Smartphone alone? (no controller)

    New pilot. New here. First post. Hi everyone... I’m looking for a drone that has a decent “follow me” feature and I would have bought the Skydio 2 until I realized you can only purchase one from their site and because of Covid-19 they aren’t taking orders. ?? Well, maybe that’s a blessing in...
  5. Ennie

    Rock Climbing in follow me/active track mode?

    Hey. I was just wondering wether or not the mavic pro could follow me while rock climbing in follow me mode or active track mode? Thank you.
  6. ThreeGs

    WiFi only iPad tethered to iPhone

    I know that WiFi only iPads won't be able to do the follow me functionality and I won't be able to update my controller location. However... Do you get that functionality if you tether to an iPhone to get a network connection? I just tried this with my older WiFi only iPad tethered to my iPhone...
  7. 00Nic

    Autopilot follow me issue

    Hi all, today I tested for the first time Autopilot app with follow me mode for chasing my car. I set the bearing reference to "Course" to let the drone follow me along the path. I expected that the position of the drone with respect to the car were more "stable" but instead, the drone kept...
  8. tonimaker

    Can't use the intelligent flight modes. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi there! I've had the Mavic Pro for a week now, and everything is fine, except for one thing. I can't access the intelligent flight modes on the Mavic Pro. I followed all the instructions. I am in p-mode, the battery is over 50%, and I am higher than 3 meters from the ground! When I select...
  9. D

    First flight at NJ lake with Mavic Pro (Active Track & Boat)

    Any feedback will be appreciated :) This is my first time flying the drone over the lake (I got it last week), as well as using active track with a boat! This is also my first drone video edit, how did you guys like it (especially with being synched to the music?) Thanks :D