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Props for Mavic 1 and 2 interchangeable?


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Feb 6, 2018
Does anyone know if props for the 1 will fit on the 2, or are they totally different designs with different attachments?
I would guess they are different. DJI not great at cross compatibility
Attachment is compatible but MP props are a bit smaller so performance may not be satisfying.
I thought I read somewhere that the 2 props won’t fit the pro.
Wonder how they would perform?
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Anyone tried them on the pro yet?
You can't, since they are bigger they touch the aircraft body.
They don't touch the aircraft body on my MP. The rear props are way too close for comfort though (just a few mm away from the body).
My rear props jsut scrape the corner when stopped. They might lift a tad when turning but it's too close for comfort to even think of trying.
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about 4:30 mins in skip to
oh you wondered the other way?
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[QUOTE = "SpyderSkeets, post: 557068, member: 50694"] ¿Alguien sabe si los accesorios para el 1 cabrán en el 2 o son diseños totalmente diferentes con diferentes archivos adjuntos?
Gracias [/ QUOTE]
hola, los accesorios son diferentes, todo cambia hasta el maletín donde lo trasportas.
A word to the wise. Do not attempt to use the Mavic 2 props on the Mavic Pro. The M2 props come extremely close to the body when the Mavic is static. As soon as you are airborne or try to perform any maneuvers, the props will scrape the body and possibly cause catastrophic motor failure. Is it really worth it?
Thanks, but I actually want to know if the M1 props will fit on the M2, not vice versa.
Yes, they fit. However, DJI does not recommend you fly with them. And there's really no need to attempt such a thing since the M2 props work very well.
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