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Jul 6, 2017
Hey all!

I'm fairly new to the drone game and stoked I found this site. Seems like a lot of great knowledgeable people on here. After going on several flights (~10 give or take) I've noticed random things happen and have thought to myself "well that was weird, kind of scary."

I feel as though there reoccurring quirks/issues that people have experienced, and after experiencing more than once, figured out the issue. I tried looking for a thread on this topic but couldn't find any. If you're able to shed some light on an experience you have had in the past, and you know what the issue was, that would help a great deal in case I encounter a similar issue in the future!

The only noticeable thing that has happened to me (which I still don't know the issue) was on my ~5th flight. For some reason, the gimbal acted up after taking a quick turn and went a little haywire. I thought the drone was falling out of the sky, but it was only the gimbal. I had a visual and took her in. The flight prior, my feed cut out, but I think it may have been from the wind (high wind issue warning - I get this all the time, even when it doesn't seem to be super windy fyi). Since then, I've flown much greater distances and haven't had an issue. But I think rotating quickly after panning in medium winds may have something to do with it. (This issue shouldn't be the topic of the thread, just one issue I have had in the past).
Hasn't happened to me, but I've seen several other reports of what you describe after hard yaw events. It's actually the gimbal re-initializing itself, where it rotates to the extremes and resets.

The jist that I gathered is occasionally that's fine, but if it's a regular thing that can be recreated on demand, that's cause to send it in for diag.

The software (Go4) is crap compared to what's inside your Mavic. Barring a hardware issue (chafed cables/unseen crash damage), the bird really doesn't have any real "quirks" beyond the infamous landing protection over water bug where it prioritizes visual over the ultrasonic sensors.

All else that happens is a result of pilot input...either intentional or unintentional. [emoji106]
It's a Gimbal Glitch.
Lots of users already experienced that, myself included.
Some say it sometimes happen when vid file approaching 4 gig,SW/FW/HW/App issues.
Doesn't matter what FW/App/devices you're using, it will happen sooner or later.
Just don't panic when it happen...VLOS or BVLOS, just keep an eye/watch the altitude reading.
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