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  1. K

    Flying in England

    Hello fellow pilots! I'm traveling to England from the US and I definitely want to take my drone with me. Do any of you have any advice? Thank you!
  2. Bluecube

    Mavic wont fly strait and gimbal pan

    About a week ago my Mavic started having problems with both the gimbal and it not flying strait. any time you push the stick forward it sort of veers off to the left a bit and you have to compensate by pushing the sick a small bit right. as for the gimbal anytime the drone is hovering of...
  3. RoadieMunky

    Interesting places to fly near Bromley?

    Hi all, I am looking for some interesting places to fly near to Bromley. This is proving a bit difficult as it is within 5 miles of Biggin Hill Airport, and I'm too lazy to call the up for permission. Anyway the places I have been so far are; Parkfield Recreation Ground. Jubilee Country Park...
  4. Mike_Flys

    So I flew a Mavic Air Yesterday!

    I was invited to a Drone Nerds/DJI presentation in Hollywood Fl yesterday and got to play with the OSMO Mobile 2 and actually fly a Mavic Air! The winds were about 25 mph, it flew great, and still got nearly 20 minute flight times. Nice little copter. It wouldn't replace my Mavic Pro due to...
  5. A

    Top 5 favorite maneuvers with the Mavic

    I would love to know what your favorite maneuvers are when you fly?!?!
  6. I

    24 Drone Tips of Christmas... the box set

    Happy new year, sharing my everyday, so simple drone tips that make my flying easier. In case you missed it, heres the "box-set" of the 24 drone tips of Christmas in case you get bored over New year. Have a great 2018 every one. Ultimate Drone tips 2017- Become a flying PRO - YouTube
  7. I

    Drone Gloves

    Yep, Getting cold. Looked at these gloves for flying. Not bad. What are you using?
  8. Lostgirl Hikes

    Red river bridge crossings

    Been working on a project I don't get a whole lot of time off but I'm on my 6th bridge crossing of the Red River going over Texas and Oklahoma area. I just wanted to share :) I have had no problem with the iron affecting my drone but I think I just have been lucky with my experiences and...
  9. S

    Quirks / Ins & Outs

    Hey all! I'm fairly new to the drone game and stoked I found this site. Seems like a lot of great knowledgeable people on here. After going on several flights (~10 give or take) I've noticed random things happen and have thought to myself "well that was weird, kind of scary." I feel as though...
  10. PaulArcher

    Got DJI Care Refresh, Is it worth it for you?

    Hello, I got DJI care Refresh a few weeks ago after I got attacked by bees. It was 2 months after I got the drone. They approved it fast after I sent a video of the drone working. Before Getting into it, I killed time by getting informed and made a video about this: I underlined the...
  11. E

    Any Drone Pilot in Stuart, Florida?

    Hello There....I'm Luca ... I'm looking to buy a Mavic Pro... Is anybody from Stuart, Florida ...or somewhere close... for some Fun Fly or tips and tricks together? ( Port Salerno, Port Saint Lucie, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Palm City)
  12. FantasticMrF

    Is the Mavic for beginners?

    Im not yet a mavic owner, im extremely interested in buying one and became a member of this website to assure myself before i make such a decision. my one question however, is the mavic appropriate for a beginner?
  13. D

    Any local issues with flying drones around Boulder CO?

    Planning to travel to Boulder in August 2017, any local issues with flying to video the beautiful countryside? I do not want to either offend or break local regs.
  14. Platypus

    Hello from South UK

    HI all I'm new to drones (above toy grade) recently crashed my Mavic so whilst its in for repair I am scouring the web for drone forums and like-minded people to talk to and maybe fly with!
  15. K

    Taking off, Flying and filming schools. (Canada)

    I live near a lot of big open spaced schools and was wondering if there was any laws or regulations in filming and flying in the school area and property. Thanks.
  16. T

    How to fly and land the Mavic in a forested area?

    I am not sure if this has been discussed, but how would you fly and land the Mavic in a forested area? Specifically, a tropical forest. All the threads I have seen is of the Mavic flying over open terrain with a few trees here and there....or over a coastline. Assuming that you launch from a...
  17. M

    The Trip: Holy Island featuring DJI Mavic - Cinematic style

    So, the place I went to - Holy Island, well, Holy Island must be called Holy for a reason right? well, it was more like "holy cow, this place is so nice for me". So, I couldnt resist making a shorter cinematic style mini film just for this one location, it's just too nice not to make one. Any...
  18. Nickalf.....

    NJ Drone User Group

    New Year's Day Fly-In @ 'the 18 hole' Morris Plains NJ Blow those New Year's Eve party cobwebs out, wrap up warm (I'll bring hand warmers, coffee and hot chocolate) and learn the differences of flying when it's chilly to when it's warm.... https://Meetup.com/Nj-Dug/events/236552976
  19. P


    HELP PLEASE with MAVIC PRO from you experienced people. I got new drone delivered before Christmas but did not use until Christmas Day using my Samsung 7edge. everything OK except I noticed a Tremour/Shudder when taking off which I wrote about on this forum. I got a New Samsung GalaxyTablet A6...
  20. I

    First Flight Out wit5h The Mavic Pro..OMG

    First Flight out with the Mavic Pro. This thing is sooo stable. It was like flying on rails. All the mavic shots are straight from the craft, not post production on those (lots on the Gopro ). For the Money, this is incredible.