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  1. 7

    Downlink and lost signal MA2

    Hello pilots! wanted to share a very frustrating thing that happen ( not once, but multiple times) to me. I was flying my drone in an area to capture few abandoned places and this happened. A message came saying "Downlink Lost" and then lost the signal. Below is a picture from the flight...
  2. D

    Air 2S 4K raw clip lost frames/glitchy, while the cache is smooth

    Hello beautiful people, Since I got the Air 2s I have shot quite a few clips of videos. There is this one clip, just one, has a lot of frames missing. The cache on my phone looks smooth. Here's the raw clip, and the glitch starts at ~46 seconds. The video is shot in 4K 30fps, in H.264. The...
  3. D

    Mavic 2 Pro limp gimbal after initial calibration

    I've been searching the internet for weeks now but found no solution or any cases of my exact problem. I would like to know if any of you have experienced this and how you solved it. After having my Mavic stored for 3 months I tried to fly it for the first time but noticed the feed was shaky...
  4. G

    Mavic Mini won't turn on

    Hello, I have a problem with my mavic mini, when trying to turn it on, the first press turns on the lights, but the second does not turn on the drone, it just does nothing, and the drone does not turn on, the battery is fully charged and I have tried several times the ignition procedure, what...
  5. anon67

    Issues with sports mode after firmware update?

    Anyone else notice the MA2 flying differently when in sports mode after this new firmware update that added zoom among other things. It seems the drone is tilting more to the side when "strafing and turning at same time", just doesnt seem as smooth when visually watching the drone maneuver, not...
  6. TylerJma

    Mavic air 2 spotlight sensitivity problem (with video)

    This is a video I made explaining the sensitivity problem with the Mavic air 2 in spotlight mode. I’ve updated the drone and all that stuff, but a written description for anyone who doesn’t want to watch the video is that no matter what mode your on when you use the spotlight mode and try to...
  7. L

    Mavic Mini - Strange behavior indoors

    Hello everyone, So recently I downloaded DJI Assistant app on my PC and connected drone to computer. Then I tried to download flight logs. App was freezing for about an hour and I tried to chat with DJI support on what should I do. They suggested to just shut down an app and disconnect drone...
  8. N

    Mavic Air 2 Controller won't Connect to my Phone

    My Mavic Air 2 got delivered yesterday. However, when I connect my phone to the controller, the phone doesn't recognize that the controller is connected. I have attached the controller and drone to my computer and updated the firmware on both. I also have tried connecting to the controller with...
  9. B

    Interpolate gimbal doesn't work on Mavic 2 pro (Litchi)

    Hey guys, I have this issue that doesn't allow me to do the job. I 'm running a Litchi waypoint mission with gimbal pitch set to "Interpolate" on all waypoints but the gimbal won't move smoothly. It will change the angle but just before each waypoint (suddenly) and not continuously while flying...
  10. K

    Mavic air yaw 2019 FW .620

    I had an issue with my drone yaw to the left. It yaws when ascending. Also tried to make it stationary with no issues. But when i flick the left joystick UP even just a little bit. It starts to yaw to the left. Tried restore default. Refresh firmware, imu, rc calibration and rc link. Worked...
  11. R

    M2P Quickshots not working

    Hi all, first of hopefully many posts and contributions to this forum! I recently purchased a mavic 2 pro, everything on the drone works fine.. apart from the quick shot functions Cirle, Helix and boomerang! When I lock onto a subject and press go, it starts normally, then around 20% of the way...
  12. N

    Is AirMap/LAANC not working for anyone else?

    I've been trying to submit a LAANC Authorization request as part of a flight plan I'm trying to submit for some Class B airspace. However, AirMap doesn't seem to be properly loading most LAANC-related information -- or at least is doing it so slowly that all of my requests are timing out...
  13. MrYKBQdV

    DJI Mavic 2 Zoom - RC Remote Factory Defect, very loud fan noise

    Hi everyone. I have just received a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom bought from the official euro DJI Store. I haven't activated and/or flown the drone yet. As a I was preparing for the first flight I turned on the Remote controller RC and left it on, without even connecting the RC to the drone...
  14. A

    Video to photo switch

    Good evening dear fellow mavericks, i Got mavic pro and from the very start i came across an issue... While everything is functioning just right, i cannot take photos, it doesn't allow me to switch from video to photo...any ideas? Thanks in advance, Alex
  15. V

    Mavic 2 pro disconnected

    hi everybody, I bought 3 days a go a M2P... firstly i could link my Ac with Rc and dji go4 works well... but its changes.. and now its impossible... Ac and Ec connect well, i can use the drone with rc but the phone dont work in dji app, and appear”disconnected” I try everything, disconect the...
  16. S

    New Mavic Air almost flyaway.

    Hello! I have been using DJI products for about 4 years now and I have never had this happen... This is a brand new Mavic air, about 2 days old. I had done a recent compass calibration and had flown about 6 other batteries on the same day with no issue. Tonight, I had flown out about 3500 feet...
  17. CarsonV123

    Unable to play videos from SD card off mavic air

    Hey guys, So I've done a few flights on my new mavic air (had an amazing time!) and have stored my videos and such on a 64GB microSD in the MavicA. The video cache on my phone (backed up by google photos) gets the los res feed videos and photos on there but when i go get the videos off the SD...
  18. DougAles

    Pedestrian and electronic issues during flight

    Hoping I can learn from your feedback. While flying I ran into a issue with someone standing over my camera gear on the groud. I’d like to get your take on how I handled it and what I could have done better. EDIT: Video removed as I intend to redo it, and make it better. Sorry for the...
  19. J

    Mavic Air briefly fell out of the sky, then steadied itself.

    Hi All, First time poster here! - I'm hoping anyone can make sense of an issue I've had with my Mavic Air. Has anyone had any experiences of their Mavic dropping out of the sky briefly before regaining control? I was flying roughly a mile away over the countryside (unobstructed) and the Air...
  20. C

    [Help] - Vertical/horizontal artifacts unknown

    Hi all, I was shooting my Mavic about 45 degrees away from the sun and noticed these vertical & horizontal lines after viewing on my PC. Not sure if it was caused by the sun direction or the D-Log profile - 0, 0, 0 ? If someone with some previous knowledge could help that would be a...