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RE Goggles blurry image in Analogue 5.8 mode?


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Jan 24, 2018
So my RE Goggs are great with the Platty Pro but when I linked them to my other FPV aircraft the image was blurry and unstable with wavy grey vertical lines onscreen with the Boscam camera and with the Mobius camera. So I linked them to my quad with a 600TVL cam and the the opaque lines were gone and the color saturation and contrast was really good but the screen image was so blurry I coudnt recognise a friends face at Ten Metres. Then I connected my cheap low-res QANUM goggles to the same cam instead and bingo I had a clear crisp image that was flyable. I don't know why DJI calls these "Racing Goggles" when the image from Three different cameras was so blurry it was unflyable? Not a complaint, just sayin' it was a disappointment to have such expensive goggs unable to display an image as clearly as cheap ones when linked to a 5.8Ghz Quad.
The resolution is very low (SD) on the analogue signal. The image appears to be very blurry because the low resolution is spread across a large screen (field of view wise).

Still the image is much better than my Fatshark goggles.

Which antennas are you using? The DJI analogue antennas are left polarized while most racing drones' antennas are right polarized. I am using Fatshark antennas in both ends.
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You can reduce the image size setting on the goggles and things will appear crisper.
With an analog stream you're effectively doing the equivalent of watching a VHS tape on a 60 inch TV after having experienced full HD on it... common goggles only look crisper becasue their screen is ridiculously tiny.

I'm set at about half the size of the screen, of course it's not very sharp but it's still much more immersive than small screen goggles.

When you had your "bands" you probably weren't on the right frequency, scan again or enter it manually.

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