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Rules near airports?


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Apr 16, 2020
Hi all.
Please can someone point me towards any rules / laws regarding flying near airports?

A college near / under the flight path of Liverpool airport would like me to do a brief circular video of an event on their playing field but we are unsure of the rules.

Would I be right in assuming that the software on my Mini 2 would prohibit me flying anywhere where I shouldn’t?

Thanks in advance.
@Buel down load the drone assist app and that will indicate if the location you wish to fly is in a FRZ and any restrictions that apply to that airspace,you say its under the flight path, but it may still be possible to fly there with a reduced altitude limit
contact ATC at the airport and tell them where you intend to fly and other relevant information date, time ,duration of flight ect ,and if they are happy then you will be good to go
as far as the DJI restrictions are concerned ,then you would have to follow the screen instructions to allow the drone to fly,there is often quite a difference between what the geofencing ,says you can do ,and the actual real restrictions that apply to the airspace
The ATC allowed it but the organisers (a college) wanted answers to the following two questions;
  1. Are you a certified drone operator?
  2. We would need to risk assess this, as if something was to happen, i.e. drone failure and fell from sky and hit student.
Re me being a certified drone operator, is there a requirement for flying the mini 2 (I thought being under 250 grams meant not?)
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@Buel its not the fact that its a Mini 2 ,
its more to do with liability ,in the event of an accident
and you would need third party liability insurance as well
really it would be better to leave it alone, and tell them to find a commercial operator ,who would have all the relevant permissions, insurance and a risk assessment tailored for what was required ,the college dont want any comebacks on themselves ,and you dont want a massive litigation bill arriving on your door step either
I fly at a local airport, andrews RHP, class E and class g up to 700 feet. No permission needed.
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