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  1. Sand_Hanitizer

    New pilot here!

    Hello! I’m a new pilot from florida, and I fly the Dji mini 2. I have the TRUST test certificate and I’m thinking of getting the part 107 certificate in the future. I also have a few questions. I’m going to Spain in a few days, and I’m thinking of bringing my mini 2. Are there any specific...
  2. Yaros

    Can we stop all the drone hate?

    A bit of about me, relating to this topic: I've been flying drones for nearly 2 years now. I love everything about it except the people that come arguing that I can't fly here, that they're disturbed by it, and them "threatening" me... I guess most drone pilots here can relate, or had a drone...
  3. Adri-sharkdrone

    Laws for DJI mini - Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia

    Hello! New drone owner here! I have been trying to find information on flying the Maveric mini in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia and if the drone needs to be registered? Has anyone had experience with this and can help a girl out? Thank you in advance Adrienne
  4. B

    Rules near airports?

    Hi all. Please can someone point me towards any rules / laws regarding flying near airports? A college near / under the flight path of Liverpool airport would like me to do a brief circular video of an event on their playing field but we are unsure of the rules. Would I be right in assuming...
  5. Yaros

    Drunk man flew a drone over a beach full of people in Mallorca

    Translation from Spanish of the article by Police has fined a man who flew a drone in Cala Romántica without having the required permission and recklessly over people who were on the beach. An off-duty National Police officer in Cala Romántica observed a tourist flying a drone and at...
  6. jackdaws

    Mini 3 law question?

    Hey All, I have new mini 3. I live in Spain/Cañarías. Can anyone clarify what I need to do legally regarding licence etc for mini 3? I’ve searched online and I’m confused, is 249g exempt of licences? I just don’t know. so I thought someone here will know! I understand the no crowds, fly in...
  7. Yaros

    Why EU regulations are so strict?

    I live in Mallorca, Spain, and have my A1/A3 certificate. I'm 15 years old, but I still fly drones, the minimum age here is 16... oh well, I'm 16 soon anyway. But why are the regulations here so strict compared to US' FAA? I have seen videos of people registering on LAANC and flying in big...
  8. TalesFromOurPocket

    Vietnam Drone Rules In Practice

    I'm planning a trip to Vietnam soon (they are reopening to tourists in March 2022). I am wondering if anyone from Vietnam or travelers with experience there could help me understand how drone laws are applied there in practice. I've read all the usual websites summarizing the rules. In short...
  9. eBirder

    Looking for a bit of guidance with FAA laws

    I have a Mavic Mini 2 and have a few places I have some questions about.
  10. A

    Is it allowed?

    I own the DJI Mavic Mini: at least it’s the only one I am comfortable with bringing across the Mexico/Arizona Border. So many questions and so many concerns that I can’t get answers for online- so I turn for help! What do I plan to do? I simply plan to fly my drone over the beach around Puerto...
  11. ckoerner

    Idea: Drone Photographers Rights Card

    About a decade ago photography blog PetaPixel created a Photographers Rights Gray Card Set. The small, pocket-sized cards outlined at a high level the rights you have as a photographer, while also acting as easily accessible white balance reference cards. Introducing the Photographers Rights...
  12. Przemo-c

    Drone laws in Denmark.

    I wanted to know about flying In Denmark. What are the rules for DJI mini 2. I hope to be able to visit Bornholm this year if it will be at all possible. And I'd like to know do i have to register as an operator in Denmark? What are the rules for sub 250g drone with a camera there? I'm from...
  13. W

    Not always the drone operators who are wrong

    I try and fly by the rules and do the correct thing. In Switzerland I wanted to fly my drone about 4km from a heliport (Interlaken) so technically within the 5km zone. After telephoning the airport I was sent by email a form to complete. For some reason, the heliport wanted 24 hours notice...
  14. W

    People Are Still Uninformed About Drones

    This past weekend I saw a post on Facebook from my niece's husband bragging/warning about a drone he saw flying over his house and how he got his shotgun out, took aim and the drone flew off. He went to the front yard and saw a person standing outside their vehicle with a controller. He still...
  15. L

    Mexico drone laws sub 250g

    I see a lot of posts about sub 250g drones in regards to international laws in particular in Mexico. All the research I have done says that I, as a tourist in Mexico, am legally allowed to fly my mavic mini in Mexico. My question, is there any government documentation (English or Spanish) that...
  16. 4

    France, before I go what do I need to know?

    So the title says it all. Will our drones (Mavic 2 Pro) be able to fly there? I will be there for 2 weeks and will be traveling throughout the country. Any info on laws, regulation, etc., or links to good threads or articles on this subject? Much Thanks!
  17. Y

    Drone laws Morroco

    Hi, I was wondering if there is anything I can do in my situation. I failed to do my research on Drone Laws in Morroco, and on our way to Amsterdam passing through Marrakesh for a few days I have my Mavic Air with me. I genuinely did not see any signs to declare a Drone upon arriving and because...
  18. lenabanana

    New Drone Rules for Canada

    Just read that drone pilots in Canada will be required to register their drone and get their license before flying as of June 1st, 2019. Basic license (must fly at least 30 meters from bystanders) is $10 and the "advanced" license is an extra $10 - each requiring you to pass a test. Seems a bit...
  19. L

    Drones Laws in Menorca, Spain

    Hi, Heading to Menorca soon and cant really find much information on flying there. Anyone else found anything helpful? Thanks in advance!!!
  20. Phochief

    Hesitant to fly in Florida

    I live in Port St. Lucie Florida and am considering buying a Mavic 2 drone, but after days of reading about all of the FL restrictions and possibly opening myself up to privacy lawsuits, and lack of places to fly has prevented me from taking the plunge. I’m a Nature and Landscape photographer...