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Feb 5, 2019
Hi, I was wondering if there is anything I can do in my situation. I failed to do my research on Drone Laws in Morroco, and on our way to Amsterdam passing through Marrakesh for a few days I have my Mavic Air with me. I genuinely did not see any signs to declare a Drone upon arriving and because the security failed to notice it I am now in the Country with a Drone. After reading plenty online about it, it seems that when I leave there is only one outcome, confiscation! Can anyone help in anyway?

I can't help but would be curious to hear back from you to know how it went and if you managed to keep it.
Yep, I have read multiple posts where Morocco seizes the drone and you will not have it returned to you. If you try and hide it within luggage then things might be worse , but its a chance you may have to take.
Hi sorry for the late reply. You’ll be glad to know that I got the Drone out, so there is hope if you are ever in my situation but always best to research the Country BEFORE you arrive there, i’ve learned from my mistake. I stood the MavicAir up in my bag so the nose of the drone would face the sky (and the scanners) giving it the smallest possible surface area for them to see on the x-ray, along with a few other electronics next to it to ‘blur’ the scan I got lucky and it made it through. BUT to be honest, its pure luck and the guy scanning the bags that day was not doing his job properly or I think it would be a different story. I’m back home now and couldnt be happier to have my drone with me, got these snaps today :)


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