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  1. alfenix

    Сan i bring my drone to vietnam?

    Hello everyone I’m new here. We are with my family from Ukraine due the war living in Thailand Koh Phangan ( the top place there) Very soon we are planning move to Vietnam Da Nong. I heard that drones are prohibited in Vietnam. Customs can take it etc. I have Dji mini3 pro So is it...
  2. X

    X-ray capabilities

    So, I own a Mavic Pro, Osmo Pocket and a Nintendo Switch. I store my Mavic Pro in a ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 25i and I put that inside my Lowepro Backpack. My Nintendo Switch and Osmo Pocket just go in the backpack by themselves. The story goes like this. I am going through US Customs at San...
  3. Y

    Drone laws Morroco

    Hi, I was wondering if there is anything I can do in my situation. I failed to do my research on Drone Laws in Morroco, and on our way to Amsterdam passing through Marrakesh for a few days I have my Mavic Air with me. I genuinely did not see any signs to declare a Drone upon arriving and because...
  4. D

    Carrying DJI Mavic Air bought here in the USA to India

    Is it possible to carry DJI Mavic Air to India. The said Mavic was bought in USA. I am an Indian Citizen just back home for the holidays. What precautions and care should i take while carrying it with me (if its allowed/possible to bring it inside the country)?
  5. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  6. P

    Table of drone laws

    Does anyone know where I can find a simple grid/matrix that shows what the general drone usage laws are for each country? It seems that given the number of random posts re: various countries, someone would have come up with such an item. Is there anything like an international drone association...
  7. G

    Bringing the Mavic to Peru

    I'm going on the classic inca trail 4 day hike in July and while I was told NOT to bring my Phantom because it's too much of a hassle, the Mavic is probably perfect. The problem is trying to find people who have brought the Mavic into Peru via Lima. I've read different accounts that were all...
  8. J v P

    Morocco, do NOT take your drone

    My Mavic was confiscated by Customs yesterday, February 19 2017, on Marrakech airport. I had no idea drones / rc aircraft have been illegal in Morocco since February 2015, so I just took it with me and did not declare it on arrival. My mistake, I should have done some research beforehand...


    Hey Guys. First post. I am flying into LAX in 3 days, then Canada and back to US. I will be hauling a Mavic with 3 batteries. Has anyone had any experience with: * Customs and getting Lithium Batteries in? * Customs and getting a Drone into the country (can I bring in carry on? Or should I...
  10. S

    Drone Customs Issue (INDIA)

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased Mavic pro (Fly-less) and my friend will be carrying it with him back to India. Did someone from here carried their mavic pro back to India? Flying drone is banned in India, Hence I am wondering how to clear the customs at the airport. I have not used the drone...