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  1. C

    Local government doesn't mention drone laws.

    Flying a drone for commerical use and have gotten permission from the business. My local government doesn't have any information on their stance on drones. Just wondering if that means I defer to the FAA or if I should still ask my local government if it's ok to fly. I'm Part 107 licensed. Thanks!
  2. Yaros

    I can't fly legally over a city in Spain? Am I misunderstanding something?

    Hello, I have flown my drone for almost a year now on the island called Mallorca, in class G airspace, very far away from Airports (90 km / 50 miles away actually). So I don't need to worry about the no-fly zones, because there are actually no no-fly zones nearby. There is no city nearby, only...
  3. Yaros

    No-Drone Sign or Airmap - what to believe?

    Hello! Recently I went for a walk in a natural area near the beach and found a no-drone sign near the beach. I didn't have the drone on me anyway but decided to check Airmap just for curiosity and it indicated that I could fly! That sign was placed by the government (seen by their contact info...
  4. Yaros

    Is it okay to post this on YouTube / Instagram?

    I recently was filming a church and a theater in my area, but before posting it I wanted to ask if it is okay, because there are some other things visible as houses and hotels around. I can legally fly over them (if I'm above 40 meters) at least here in Spain as far as I know, but one thing is...
  5. P

    Newbie drone owner from the UK with a general drone code question.

    Hi guys, As the title says I'm a newbie drone owner (Mavic Mini) from the UK and have a general drone code question. I'm aware of the rules that you cannot fly above 400ft, over large crowds etc but my question is in reference to the flying over/near a "congested" area. I live on the outskirts...
  6. maxapeters

    Interesting Conversation with Police

    Hey guys, I had an interesting talk with a police officer while flying my drone on a Part107 flight just a few days ago and I thought I’d share it! I was out flying in a Class D airspace, I had unlocked the geo zone and gotten approval through LAANC when I was confronted by a police officer...
  7. MBurris

    Damage assessments.

    Are there any valid statistics on serious injury or property damage caused by recreational flying? Is there significant governmental overreach with the proposed new ID regulations? Is the FAA proposing a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist?
  8. G

    Question about max drone height in UK

    Hi, I am a drone newbie and I have some questions about the max flying height here in the UK. I know the legal limit is 120m (400ft) but I have read that the limit corresponds directly to the take off location i.e. If I take off from the top of a 1000m mountain I can fly my drone 120m higher...
  9. Aydin Tamturk

    Drone In Turkey (Turkish Drone Laws)

    Hello fellow pilots , I’ve been wandering and reading all of the forum debates on people whom want to bring their drones to Turkey or whom who want to fly with a drone that is capable of shooting video & photography but couldn’t find any reasonable explanation how to do it ...
  10. 4

    France, before I go what do I need to know?

    So the title says it all. Will our drones (Mavic 2 Pro) be able to fly there? I will be there for 2 weeks and will be traveling throughout the country. Any info on laws, regulation, etc., or links to good threads or articles on this subject? Much Thanks!
  11. I

    CAA Release CAP1789: Is this the death of PFCO in UK?

    CAA have published #CAP1789. It's the EU Drone regulation package to be adopted by all member states in July 2020. This is a major shift on focus from segregated Commercial/recreational classed #Drone flights in the UK, to one class of "remote pilots". This means you will no longer need a #PFCO...
  12. I

    UK Drone Inquiry starts 11/06/2019. Watch it live online

    Important evidence being presented to the Science & Technology Committee 11/06/2019 on the future of Drone use in the UK.. EVIDENCE HEARING: Commercial and recreational drone use in the UK - ikopta
  13. I

    UK parliament Inquiry on Drone use closes 12th April 2019-Respond now.

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
  14. R

    Foreigner traveling to US, wanting to legally fly a drone - any advices?

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post in the forums. I'm a proud owner of a Mavic Pro Platinum living in Chile, South America. I'm traveling to the Miami Beach next month and I'd love to take my drone along but only if able to legally fly it on the US, for recreational purposes only. I'm not a US...
  15. Y

    Drone laws Morroco

    Hi, I was wondering if there is anything I can do in my situation. I failed to do my research on Drone Laws in Morroco, and on our way to Amsterdam passing through Marrakesh for a few days I have my Mavic Air with me. I genuinely did not see any signs to declare a Drone upon arriving and because...
  16. A

    Airmap vs Hover Vs B4UFly Vs DJI Go App

    I'm a newbie if you haven't noticed., So which is the one to go with? Airmap shows more 'do not fly zones' and orange circles than others basically makes me feel like I should return my drone It includes every single airport in the area (large to tiny. Hover gives me the most hope. B4UFly is...
  17. Lastrexking

    Changes in the EU and UK that could make your drone illegal

    Firstly, if you’re not following the drone advocacy group NODE, you really should. I think it's vital that we have a group that protect our hobby - even if it is set up by the manufacturers it is in our interest to support them. You can find them on Twitter here: @nodeeurope @nodecampain...
  18. I

    UK Drone Consultation Walk through.. So Important you do it.

    If you haven't already, take the time to go through the UK Drone public consultation.. so many elements that will effect flying UAV in the UK. Part 1.
  19. D

    Getting in trouble with the law

    For the past 6 months of having my drone and flying it legally while traveling around the country, I've done many research prior to launching it just to make sure I'm flying within city, state, and federal regulations. However, when I'm on YouTube or other social media sites, I often see people...
  20. A

    Inability to decide between Air and Pro Platinum

    Greetings pilots, I'd like your opinions regarding to the possible purchase of either models above, as the usage will be specific. I kinda did my homework about Spark, then Air; (I opted for Spark then decided to go with Air because of the requirements). I live in Switzerland, so 'the' drone...