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Safe and easy way to hand catch and take off with your Mavic 2

John Gowland

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Jun 23, 2017
For me this is the safest and easiest way to hand catch and take off with your Mavic 2
Just a share to help you make a choice.

There are many out there but they are often a bit long winded and some not as safe as they can be. Many catch at eye level or above head height.
I think this is not as controlled as it can be.
But it is your choice. You do what is comfortable for you. This is just another choice for you.
This is true [B]Goof[/B]. I feel comfortable with all my sensors on unless I have to take them off which is quite often. For catching and landing I don't need to take them off because it it's easy and safe to do so.
What are the things on your hands? Not magnets I hope...

Seems to work well for you but I’m more comfortable grabbing above eye level with landing protection off. Less veins and arteries potentially in harms way...
Good, do what you feel comfortable with. The things on are my hands constraints for severe basal thumb arthritis combined with repetitive stress syndrome a beautiful combination. Just plastic.
When you say grabbing I hope you mean a figure of speech, you must never grab, treat it gently that is safely but I'm sure you do.
No- I grab her very deliberately and firmly, no chance of a mishap. I find this good practice especially when there is a bit of wind....

I asked about the blue things as I have seen them with magnets in them supposed to offer some pain relief. Wouldn’t be great with the compass..
Yes I meant the blue things there's no magnets in them they're just malable when hot stiff when in normal temp to restrict thumb basal joint movement.
I like to hold mine delicately but firm. Whatever is comfortable for you.

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