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Shaky video with default settings


Aug 13, 2017
Hi all,

I noticed my Mavic is recording shaky videos. I investigated the forum to find any possible idea but I am still without luck.
I tried to reset camera, to recalibrate gimbal. I made the video you see here last weekend. The temperature was 20C. It seems some frame is missing from the recording. The recording was taken with default settings (it should be 4K 24fps). I am using a Sandisk Ultra MicroSD XC 64Gb which is a class 10 (I can try to perform a read/write test from Mac).

Any feasible idea for the result? this video is just a sample. Although I am not used to recording videos, I've seen this problem in many videos during last months.

Perhaps because the video was converted to view on YouTube but I did not notice any shaking.
You're right, youtube seems to have elaborated it a little bit.
Here the original source from my Dropbox Dropbox - DJI_0079.MOV

It seems some frames are missing in the record between seconds 3 and 4, 14 and 15, etc... I tried it again now, I perceive like an 'hop' in the recoroding.
I perceive like an 'hop' in the recoroding.
With what viewer did you notice that 'hop'?
Did you adjust the speed of the footage? (it should be 23.98 fps, not 24 fps)

Try looking at the footage with 30 fps (actually 29.97 fps). Do you notice any 'jumps' or something at that frame rate?

For a future test, try to record at 30 fps and watch the footage for any abnormal 'frame drops' or 'hops'
(also slow panning as demonstrated in your demo above)
Should I change / manipulate video recording every time?
I recommend following: when your recording tests with 30 fps are working, leave that as your default setting.

Have you tried viewing your footage with 30 fps?
Have you tried viewing your footage with 30 fps?
Not really. I can try to make a video session later today with 4k, 30fps, file format MOV.

I am concerned about the quality of my MicroSD, which I see is barely ok for a 4K (cit. Speed Class - SD Association) and drone stability (is my video impacted when there is wind/fast acceleration or decelaration/etc.)
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