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Signal loss and interference


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Jan 19, 2017
Hello people, Im from Brasil and my Mavic is coming next week.
I live in Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro. And I dont have too much space nearby to test it. So Im thinking on taking off from a open area in my building and flying nearby. The problem is, the area is full of high buildings. Do you guys think I will have a signal loss or too much interference? Thanks
Personally I wouldn't take the chance until I'm confident of my skills and very familiar with the Mavic and all the limitations and all the controls. There are some large parks in your area ... why not go there and spend a day getting used to it? Better than making a mistake by flying around tall buildings!
Do you guys think I will have a signal loss
You will if any obstacles (e.g. tall buildings) are between the Mavic and the remote controller.
IMHO you are begging for trouble.
I'm worried about being robbed in a common area. Let me show you a picture from google maps of where I'm thinking of taking off and going to.


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That flight is not going to end well. It would be best to take off in the area near your blue arrows.
FYI, here's a good video showing how the remote controller signals work:

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Don't do it. That is a flight that has a high probability of failure. Since you are admittedly inexperienced I wouldn't try flying in that area. Even an experienced operator could run into issues navigating in that area. I'm betting you are about 90% likely to have a RTH initiated by signal loss.

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I wouldn't do either. I fly in my neighborhood often with 2-story houses and between 600-800 feet away, the controller starts to dip in signal strength. For your first few weeks, fly in an open area until you get the hang of the controls and then you can venture out. Just watch your remote signal like a hawk and turn around the second it dips. Good luck!

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Ya u will get interferance if there are tall trees or buildings between the signals. Happens to me..
Just watch your remote signal like a hawk and turn around the second it dips. MavicPilots

You could also make certain you fly in an open area and fly above obstacles. Set RTH 50 feet higher than any obstacles. Then just fly it. Keep it close initially. Over time go a little farther. If RTH initiates let it. Cancel it when you regain control keep flying.

My advice is practice potential failures so that when they happen you know what to do. My observation is the most frequent operator errors are related to RTH. So understand the different RTH scenarios and practice them.

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