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Skyreat Mini 4 Pro Hard Case: Review


Jan 18, 2020
DIsclosure: I ordered this case via Amazon as one of the free test accessories kindly offered by Skyreat - who refund the cost.

As a matter of principle I I was determined that I would not let my judgement be swayed by the fact that it was 'free' and would not feel obligated to just write a glowing review if I felt it was unwarranted.

I am happy to say that I am delighted with this case.

Build quality:
This case is a strong solid build with good secure latches.
It has a high quality foam insert with cutouts that hold the drone, controller and batteries etc perfectly. It also has the air pressure release valve that is essential on airtight cases when travelling with airlines.

The cutouts are well designed to hold everything firmly in place , without placing undue pressure on the drone casing - an important consideration!
The foam insert has additional carefully placed notches to allow easy removal and placement of the drone and controller

Unlike some bulky cases this one is nice and compact which makes it ideal for air travel. It can even easily fit inside a normal size backpack if you want the reassurance of a tough hard case but prefer backpack carrying.
The strap which is easily removed and refitted without any modification to the case (a nice feature) has a good adjustment range to suit over the shoulder or cross body carrying.

In summary, a well designed tough little case that will protect my drone very well - Perfect!


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I got the soft case, and really like it. Everything fits perfect. Remote even fits with control stick still attached.

Really like the look of this case. Being able to leave the sticks on is a big plus, I will be ordering one!
I got the hard case too and really like it! My only criticism is that it seems like a waste of space in the battery spots because the case closes with the batteries inside the charger so I don’t see any reason to separate them. I would have preferred some “tear away” foam in that second and third square so I could customize it to fit some extra stuff / chargers. Not a big deal though, I plan to keep the batteries in the charger when in the case and just cut the other two spots to fit what I need.
I got the Startrc case for my Mini 4 Pro, which looks similar. I like to separate the batteries from the charger in storage because the batteries won’t discharge as quickly since the charger reads battery level with the LEDs and that draws some juice.


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The LEDs for the batteries only light up for about 5 seconds and then shut off. I've not seen any battery drain from storing the batteries in the charger.
I got the soft case, and really like it. Everything fits perfect. Remote even fits with control stick still attached.

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I got the soft case as part of the test as well, and it is perfect for taking the drone out to fly, holds everything I need. I also got it for travel since it is much smaller and lighter than my hard sided storage cases. In fact liked it so much I bought one for my Air 3 as well.
So I received by "Soft" shell case from @Skyreat today here is my review with some pictures for reference.

Summary : I extremely happy the case and I am much happier with it than the provided case which is included with the flymore kit !!

It is a good size and is "soft but rigid". Holds everything included firmly in place including the remote with sticks attached which is a HUGE plus in my mind. I recently travelled with the small soft bag (flymore kit) and found that it was difficult to get the drone in and out with snagging the props and it did not really provide any rigidity when I had to pack it into my carry on. ( I was hoping to get this before I left for the Caribbean but amazon missed the delivery window )

DIsclosure: I ordered this case via Amazon as one of the free test accessories kindly offered by Skyreat - who refunded the cost.

Build quality:
Sturdy with a hard textured plastic/rubber exterior. The internal inlays are precise and allow all the equipment to be inserted and removed easily but hold everything firmly in place.

As seen in the pics below, it is small enough to easily be packed into a backpack. For reference, the black case is a very padded case for a 13inch Mac book air. My set of ND filters also fits well in the little power brick but out. IMG_3129.jpgIMG_3130.jpgIMG_3136.jpgIMG_3134.jpg
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