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Tearing my hair out


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Mar 11, 2018
Perth Australia
I have spent a day trying to figure out what is wrong.

Spent several days travelling around the mid west region of WA (Australia) videoing wild flowers which are in full bloom at the moment. Good winter rains means a bumper crop.

Came home, downloaded from my laptop and started up PP to begin editing. Half the clips imported fine but the other half came up with a faulty file error. These clips were fine in every other software and would run perfectly


Spent ages trying out various fixes and finally found a combination in Handbrake thea PP liked so I can now convert the files and import. A full day wasted and I still have no idea why.
It is a Mavic pro. I have a very old version of PP CS4
That sounds like your issue right there. It won't be up to date with codecs etc, and may not be optimised to cope with recent acquisitions. Also, keep in mind that you may be stripping out valuable colour information by going through Handbrake eg if you filmed in a LOG format but then compressed to another format, don't expect to recover that 'hidden' detail when colour grading. Download a trial version of PP from Adobe and see if it opens without incident in the more recent version. Then you'll at least have identified (or not) the source of your problem.
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That is quite old in PP terms. Does it normally have this problem, or has it been able to read everything in the past ?

If that's no go, have you tried DaVinci Resolve Public beta R15, one of the best and most modern editors there is, also free ? Even comes with DJI LUTs for awesome 1-click grading...
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1. I have been using this version of PP for many years with no problems. I took 10 videos with MP over 3 days. Some clips loaded fine amd others crashed. Could not understand how they differed

2. Tried the beta version of DV and was interested but when i tried to load the production version found it requires windows 10. I am hopping to get a new computer that will run DV when i save enough (,I am retired so have to watch my cents)
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CS4 was released in 2008 - when we weren't dealing with 4K or high data rates. Nothing I have from a decade ago will handle 4K. Did you shoot in 4K? PP relies heavily on hardware to achieve performance - I'm guessing you don't have enough RAM or all-round general 'oomph' (technical term) in your system to handle the footage data. Are the clips that crash different to the others somehow - frame size, rate, codec... or even a higher level of movement than in the shots that didn't crash? You could try making proxy clips in order to save processing requirements while editing but it sounds like you need a more permanent fix.
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I have looked and looked again to try and identify the problem without sucess. Size, movement etc are all similar. Have made copies in hand brake. Guess i will do what i can and do better when i upgrade my computer.

Thinking of getting some one local to build something for me.
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