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The Mavic 2 series WILL have interchangeable cameras

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Check out note 6 in the picture below. It says you can change the gimbal camera in the future. Really important for those who are thinking about buying both. Not too surprising though, as the body is the exact same.Screenshot_20180824-223559_Chrome.jpeg
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Not really news. They stated this clearly in the launch event.
Send it off to have the camera changed. It's not DIY.
The presentation made it sound like it's going to be a repair option (instead of replacing the entire drone with a refurbished unit). I'm not sure it's a service meant for people to switch cameras whenever they feel like it.
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In one of the videos I saw them snapping it in and out. Be nice if is that simple.
Most likely the actually processing board will be inside the drone and not squeezed into the camera/gimbal so that might well need swapping out.
Talking to the sales rep at the Scottsdale arizona dji store, he said it could be done by the user but would involve some disassembly and unplugging /plugging in a ribbon cable.
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Power of marketing. Apple docet. Wait for MP3 for user swappable cameras.
The solution for the Pro user (other than investing in the Inspire) is to purchase both models, then you'll have a second controller for separate camera/pilot operators. The cost of both is still less than most lenses I use.
I read on one of the threads here that the zoom camera will be around $400 and the Hasselblad will be around $600 and I am assuming plus what ever DJI service will charge to do the camera change over. So it is not really a low cost thing and a bother to have to send it away each time you wish to change to a different camera. Nice offer but just not financially and time viable in my books.
I was wondering if the service had a trade-in for your original camera. At those prices, they should send back the original.
I was wondering if the service had a trade-in for your original camera. At those prices, they should send back the original.
I would sincerely hope and expect them to return the original camera they just took off, if I were to buy a different one and have them (DJI) install it.
Well that depends on what they charge. If they charge $300 to go from Zoom to Pro, then there probably would be a trade-in on your Zoom gimbal, since the price difference between Zoom and Pro is $200, plus $100 for labor. OK, probably the labor should be less. If instead they charge $600-$700, then you are correct, they should return the original camera.
Not sure how that would work going from Pro to Zoom with a trade. They pay you? :)
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