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Tips on holding drone filming


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May 11, 2020
I want to film flying down to a door, then "grab" the Mavic, and handheld filming going thrue the house and release the drone again - fly backwards up filming from the other side of the house

Is there any way I can catch and hold the drone, without the downward sensor/landing sensor reacts? Can I keep the rotors spinning aso..?

Any tips, ideas?

With editing I think you can cut and splice various cuts of filming together. Maybe even edit lighting and blend it in fairly good. So, I didn’t think there’s a need to accomplish what your after all in one single filming event. Fly down to the door and hover a few seconds, stop filming, land drone, pick it up with motors off and film the portion walking through the house holding drone in hand, stop filming, resume flight and begin filming after passing through the house. Edit to cut, splice and blend.

In other thoughts, I’ve seen a YouTube video where a person taped the downward sensors over so they were basically non functional. I suppose you could experiment doing that but I have not done it myself nor do I know exactly how the drone might behave.
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Not easy to do seamlessly, but with practice can be almost perfect . . .

Exactly what I want to do, but - can I grab my Mavic mMini (1) without the sensor thinks Im going to land

Also here, he turns off the propps and start again, I cant di that with the mini, or..?

So . how to do this with a Mini?
I think you can seamlessly accomplish this with an Insta360 X3 and their 10ft extended selfie stick.
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You can fly your approach, then land. Leave the camera on. Pick the drone up to the same level as it was before you initiated the landing, carry it smoothly thru the door and for a couple feet the other side, Set it down and take off again. The camera continues to work even after the drone lands, as I have noted repeatedly when I land and the motors are shut off, but I neglect to actually shut it off (press once; then press and hold), the camera continues to run so I have repeated shots of my feet carrying my drone to the car.

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