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To see other drones when i fly my drones?


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Oct 6, 2019
I have my two drones, M2P and M3P, officially registered, I have an EASA approved Drone pilot, my drones have the latest FM updates. My RID should be readable by Police and others, but what additional equipment do I need, SW and HW, to see other drones in my surroundings when I fly?
Why would you have this need?

There are apps already out to track RID. Search on Google Play or the Apple Store (depending on the device you have)
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Why am I interested in seeing other drone pilots in my airspace when I fly, I can as mavic3usa writes, look up to see other drones. That is exactly what is wrong, our so-called initiated journalists wrote in 2019 that we have more than 400,000 drones in Sweden. Today in 2024, approx. 27,300 drone driving licenses have been approved. In the 5 years I've been flying, I haven't encountered more than a couple of them, and then I live in a community that, "statistically" speaking, has more than 2,000 drones. Where are all these drones, at home in a closet?

Gfields suggests that I search for suitable app, unfortunately I can't find any that I think meet my requirements, anyone who has suggestions for working apps for the Android platform.
It's kind of like seeing a falling star... they happen constantly, but how often do you see them?

Most drone owners only fly occasionally. That's why there's such a huge difference between the number of drones, and the number of "licenses".
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