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Too many signal errors?


Feb 21, 2017
I'm worried about my Mavic signal quality: please look at linked logs, is it normal that I have so much purple signal errors when flying in few meters at the field (10 kilometers between this two example locations)?

I done about 50 flight in two weeks, and never seen flight log without red and purple signal errors. Nevertheless I successfully test 2000 meters range. - Innovative flight data analysis that matters - Innovative flight data analysis that matters

I hope that it not my issue. I experienced true signal loss at RC only 3-5 times for couple of seconds during 50 flights, at about 1000-2000 meters distance.

I saw some 1 sec video freezes sometimes, and after flights I surprised how many purple errors in healthydrones logs. I'm not sure, may be this is normal for Mavic? Just want to know opinion and statistics from other owners.
I have experienced an increase of minor signal errors for almost 100% since the update to the 01.03.0400 firmware at the same airfield, far away from any buildings and power lines. According to the release notes they "Optimized the video transmission by reducing the transmission
signal loss ratio". I also have very high rates in the range less than 50m. Maybe DJI did an "improvement" which made things worse instead...
I made a couple of flights with old 0300 firmware and previous 402 GO4 app before upgrading. Seems that signal errors amount with old and new firmware was the same.
in my neighborhood I get 1,500 feet out and I start getting signal drop out. Sucks