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  1. T

    Is it safe to use Waypoint 2.0 when you loose signal with your Mavic 2?

    Hi, I want to use Waypoints to set a path where I might lose signal of the drone. I set it to return home once all waypoints are completed. Is there a danger my drone will get lost? Thanks.
  2. C

    Mavic 2 Ocusync 2.0 - Signal/Reception

    Ok, so I’m new to the Ocusync world, I’ve had in the past a Spark and then a Mavic Air both WiFi base. Both had moderate to decent range for my use, but with some reception issues here and there depending on my area. Today was my first real flight out with the Mavic 2 Zoom. I was in town at a...
  3. D

    Airplane disconnected my rc signal??

    Hi guys, i was flying at an attraction site where there was a small airport just about 30 kms away. Above me every 5 mins there would be a small plane that flys by. Plane is about id say 900-1000 meters above. I was flying at around 50meters high. My dji app went black screen and i was still...
  4. M

    Lost my mavic air NEED HELP

    Hello fello pilots Sadly I lost my mavic air today in Corfu in Greece, the hard way. I was flying along side the cliffs. Then suddenly I lost signal I dont know why. Everything was set to default so RTH. But it never returned. Lost a 128gb card full of photos and pictures of 5 days. Anybody...
  5. Rune-Norway

    CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness blocking signal

    Hi I use the CrystalSky 7,85" Ultra brightness on my Inspire. I got the Polar Pro Crystalsky Remote Mount so the screen is above like on the Inspire radio. I have tested both with having the screen almost straight up and laying over the radio like on the photo (showing a smaller screen) On...
  6. J

    Nexus 7 and Signal Loss and battery health

    Hi guys, New pilot here, first drone and first post. I got a Mavic and I love it so far. I am using a Nexus 7 wifi and I have been putting it and the phone in my pocket into airplane mode. I found out about Airdata UAV and uploaded my flight logs there. My main issue that was revealed is that I...
  7. M

    RC Signal Lost Rapidly on/off, faulty controller?

    Okay, so starting with a few points. -I've tried firmware .700, .800 and now .900 -I've recently upgraded from a Phantom 3 Standard to my Mavic Pro -I'm familiar with correct antenna positioning for best signal -I'm currently using an iPhone 5S as the device with my remote in Airplane Mode I'm...
  8. R

    Too many signal errors?

    Hi. I'm worried about my Mavic signal quality: please look at linked logs, is it normal that I have so much purple signal errors when flying in few meters at the field (10 kilometers between this two example locations)? I done about 50 flight in two weeks, and never seen flight log without red...
  9. Michel DELFELD

    Camera signal lost in urban conditions

    During my first trials I flew the Mavic within my garden in an urban environnement. Started the Mavic without GPS connection, the video signal was perfect. On take-off, the image return is OK. But when going up, the receiver loses the video signal. The antennas were well oriented. Should I...