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Trying to recover flight data from a crash... please help!


Jul 25, 2017
Hello all,
Unfortunately last week I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro.
The short story is, I was flying very low to the water on this beach, near some trees as well. Now, this spot was only 1km from the Home Point but I kept having signal issues (really only had 1 bar to manage for taking pics and vids) as there were various trees in between me and the drone. Anyways, unfortunately, not paying attention to my surroundings, I take a fall of 3-4m (I'm really glad to be alive) and the Smart Controller falls with me.
The Smart Controller somehow survived the fall too, with only its 2nd antenna broken. Now, at this point I was expecting the drone to come back home any minute (I have it configured to RTH whenever signal is lost and to increase the height to 120m to avoid any obstacles). Drone always had 15 minimum satellites connected. The drone never came back. I was in an excruciating amount of pain having broken my back, but I left the Smart Controller outside to see if it could catch the drone's signal, as I was expecting it to return home. Nothing happened!
A couple of days after my drone was found in a field (1km from the house) where a farmer had some animals. I'm very confused because I was flying over land that had NOTHING on it, no people, no fences, no animals. My drone was instead found on the other side of the river (where I was taking the pics) which is where my house is located. I'll upload a Google Maps screenshot.
Somehow my drone is in what seems to be good condition, only having damaged propellers. The battery was completely dead (not even turning on). I started it up with a new battery today, connected the controller to it to see the flight records. Unfortunately the flight records stop when the drone had lost signal, and the drone still had 65% battery left.
So my final question is (I'm sorry for this super long post) what happened that made my drone land somewhere completely unrelated, instead of it landing back home? Again, it always had full GPS signal and I also have a big bright landing pad that it always auto-lands on.
Originally, at the time of the crash, I had thought that the drone must've either crashed into the water or crashed into the surrounding trees as I was probably only 5 to 10 m in height from the water, and a very similar distance if not less from the trees. But the drone instead landed in a completely different location far away from my original flight spot and far away from my home point. I will attach a screen recording of the flight log from the smart controller. I was wondering if perhaps the drone might've stored the full flight log of what truly happened during the flight, as clearly the controller flight log ends when the battery still has 65% when the signal was lost. I was looking at the SD card and there are various files, and I was wondering if any of them might be flight logs, I have uploaded screenshots of them. I only used to have the DCIM and MISC folders on the SD as per usual, but for some reason all these new (empty folders appeared. If anybody could help me, I would really appreciate it, as I'm just trying to find out what happened to the drone in order to avoid something like this again. Luckily I have DJI care, so I'll just replace my drone to be safe. Thank you all!
Flight record: Smart Controller screen recordings - Google Drive


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Oct 18, 2019
The Mavic 2 Pro stores indeed a "onboard" flight log (not on the SD), it's retrieved through the computer program DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic ... but unfortunately it's of no use for you, the log there is encrypted & can only be read by DJI staff.


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Oct 30, 2016
If anybody could help me, I would really appreciate it, as I'm just trying to find out what happened to the drone in order to avoid something like this again.
Such a long post to say very little.
As already mentioned, there's nothing on the drone to help, but there may be enough clues in the recorded flight data in the app to solve the mystery.

Go to DJI Flight Log Viewer | Phantom Help
Follow the instructions there to upload your flight record from your phone or tablet.
That will give you a detailed report of the flight.
Come back and post a link to the report it gives you.
Or .. just post the txt file here.
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Nov 24, 2018
My DJI FPV crashed with more than 100km/h against a house and was demolished. It simply did not react to my controller anymore. So i opened a ticket at and they sent me an RMA ticket to send them the drone and an instruction how to extract the logfiles fin the goggles. After i did that, a week later DJI wrote me that it had not been my fault and they sent me a brand new drone for free. Try it at least.


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