Unsure if I should reset my IMU and compass

Discussion in 'Mavic Pro Help' started by theblackecho, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Oct 18, 2016
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    Hi all,

    Received my Mavic last week, one of the first in Australia too from what I've read.

    I've taken it out 3 times and every flight on each outing went really well.

    Now I calibrated the compass after the app told me too before my first flight, however I did this in my backyard where there is concrete, brick, wood, grass etc...typical small backyard. I haven't had any issues at all with the mavic but after reading all the reports of the issues and people recalibrating their compasses, I'm wondering if I should reset my compass in a large open field away from magnetic stuff etc? I'm on the fence as I don't want to mess with the compass but then again what if I get a fly away or catastrophic error mid flight due to the fact my compass was calibrated in my backyard when it should have been in an open field. So my thinking is that I reset it properly and it should cement good calibrations in for future flying.

    Also I plan to go away down the coast maybe a 2-300km away for the weekend, should I reset my compass when I arrive before I fly?

    With the IMU, I've read it's good to reset after taking delivery, especially overseas in Australia and after a firmware update. Given the same reasons for the compass calibration, I'm on the fence about recalibrating this too...

    Hoping someone can shed some light


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    Compass should be done in an open grassy field. I take my pants off to make its free from any magnetic interference.

    I do imu based on the following criteria:
    Firmware update.
    Small bump or crash.
    Bad yaw
    Slow imu warm up
    Bumps from fedex delivery

    I think you should do it.
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    Oct 12, 2016
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    It's perfectly safe to do an IMU calibration if you do it properly. The compass calibration guide should answer all of your compass related questions.
  4. sdharris

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    Oct 12, 2016
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    If it's working and you did your compass calibration successfully leave it be. I flew from the UK to Mallorca with a P3Pro in October and did not calibrate, and I flew from the UK to the US with a Mavic Pro in November and did not calibrate. I did short test flights in each location, and if I thought there was an issue I would have brought it back in and complete a calibration but they flew fine.

    I once asked Eric Cheng whether he calibrated his compass or IMU during a trip and he said no, only when DJI GO prompts to do so. That man has travelled the world with DJI products and was once a DJI employee see SKYPIXEL.ORG.
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