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Mavic Mac

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Jun 19, 2018
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Not sure which, if any, thread this "should" be in but I wanted to post it somewhere.
I just upgraded my membership to this site based on the EXCELLENT customer service I received from Cassidy. Once was when I wanted to change my user name and the second time was when I screwed up changing my password and email. My first email was responded to by Cassidy so when I had my second problem I emailed directly to Cassidy. Both times my emails were answered quickly and problems resolved. In the general current business world customer service like this is a rarity. I appreciate great customer service and in return support the business or organization.

In addition to great customer service I have also learned a tremendous amount about the sport and life style of drone flying here. The cost of a year upgrade is a lot cheaper then taking courses or hiring a private instructor. So if you feel the way I do think about spending the $$ to support this site so we all can learn and grow in the sport !
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