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Volunteer FD listed as an airport?


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Jul 14, 2018
Matamoras Pennsylvania, USA
Our local volunteer Fire Department is listed on B4UFLY as an airport.
Do I really have to notify them before I fly?
They don't keep aircraft there and there’s no tower.
There isn't anyone there usually unless there's a fire or station maintenance.
Maybe they have a Helo Pad ,other that that no clue.
Maybe not. Ours has one for when we have bad wrecks and they have to come in to transport to Tupelo .
Not often but have seen it. You hear it way before you see it here . Won't hurt to talk to them and
maybe buy a ticket to one of their fund raising fish fry plates . ;)
Well thats just the way it is here .:)
Lot's of fund raisers where they sell plates ,never really good but money goes for good cause and ya
make buddys .;)
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Just call or meet up with the Chief or whoever manages the helipad and see how they want to handle notification. Most of the time they will just say "stay away from the station and any aircraft".

I drove over today and asked. It wasn't the Chief but I was pretty much told that if there's a Medevac, I'll see a huge helicopter and I should get out of the air.
Exact words were "You'll hear it before you see it."
Other than that, they really don't care if I fly or not.

The helipad is about a mile from the station and 3 miles from where I fly. I actually don't think they use it anymore though it still has an FAA designation.
The only Medevac activity I've seen in my time here has been in a field near the Interstate.

Ironically, I'm told it was used at some point by a model airplane club!
No, I'm not making that up!
There's a model airplane club near me that I was going to ask if I could use their field.. But I don't think they are drone friendly lol

You'd be surprised. The AMA is welcoming quad operators and clubs may see this as a growth opportunity. Lot's some fixed-wing guys fly quads too. Never hurts to ask.
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